Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why Motor Vehicle Accident Traffic does not Bother Me

I just got home from a long tiring stressful day of work.  One of those that seemed to fly by with heightened chaotic energy but my work effort stayed stagnant as only the minimum was accomplished.  So now that I finally went to the grocery store for some juice, I am kicking back with a nice cocktail.  Grape vodka, fruit punch, and sprite... divine.

Yesterday on my trip home I was stuck at a semi major intersection because of an accident.  I approached the intersection after the accident had occurred and SCPD was already there.  I was headed south and the first car stopped at the light to make a left which I thought was feasible as the accident was on the south side of the intersection blocking that area, not me or where I was going.  Regardless I sat there for quite some time as a policeman sort of directed some traffic out and I thought he was about to to let me go when the EMT's showed up and parked directly in front of me.  The EMT got out, looked right at me and pointed right.  Clearly he was telling me I was not going to be able to make the left and to go right.  Problem is there are two lanes of traffic to the right of me also waiting for instruction and I was not about to whip around them following an EMT and not SCPD (with them being there and all).  So eventually I made u-turn back down the road I came from which worked out just fine.

While I sat in this traffic awaiting instruction I never got aggravated.  I don't anymore.  Sometimes when I am far back and I don't know what is going on I might get annoyed by the traffic but for the most part it's an inconvenience but not one worth getting upset about.

When I went to the NY Renaissance Faire in September I also was stuck in loads of accident traffic.  I had left late and I was meeting family at the faire so I was not thrilled to be stuck in an hour of traffic, but I realized had I been running on time that could have been me in the accident or the paradox the accident might not have occurred.  I like the idea that I missed being in an accident and my running late possibly saved my life by luck.

Yesterday I just happened to head down the side street to go to the Post Office had I not I could have potentially been in the accident since I go through that intersection regardless.  So I don't get upset.  I don't fret that my time is being wasted.  I am happy to not be affected other then some of my time.  I am also more then happy to give those involved my time because I know car accidents are not ideal for anyone.

Today heading home with my juice I happened to be in the exact same turning lane (because the supermarket is near the post office) and was pondering my experience from the previous day.

So my thought to you is try to be thankful for those times when you are stuck in traffic because of motor vehicle collisions.  I am.

Turns out (even though it didn't look serious) the car damage was extensive and both drivers had minor injuries.  There was also a fuel leak which is why the lanes were closed off, not to mention the accident was smack in-between TWO gas stations.  Fuel leak and two gas stations... yea now I get why I couldn't make the left and emergency vehicles from both the north and south firehouses.   Yea this particular town is that swank that they have a north fire house and a south fire house... and in the town I grew up in we have TWO hospitals, about SIX churches, a temple, and its own policing... I had a warped concept of township when I moved.  This certainly is not the norm.