Monday, April 30, 2012

Wig Talk

This past Friday I had my hair cut by my girlfriend whom I both take static trapeze and flying trapeze with.  It's great being able to have my friend cut my hair instead of a salon.  I would much rather chat with a girl friend then a stylist.  I have never been chatty with stylists.  Small talk just is not my thing.

While she was clipping my locks she answered her phone and had said something about synthetic wigs and how they can not be dyed because they do not have a cuticle.  Today at work I chatted with a different friend who is also a hairdresser on the side and she confirmed this.  However, I know people who have dyed their synthetic wigs abstract colors.  Lets face facts, when in need of a blue wig last second and it's not Halloween they can be hard to come by.  She told me because the synthetic hair has no cuticle there is nothing for the dye to latch on to.  So when a "dyed" synthetic wig is washed all of the dye will wash right out.  So for those of you who have dyed your costume wigs DO NOT WASH THEM or I guess if you need a new color wash and try again.  :o)

We also had a chat about the proper products to clean and style wigs with.  We didn't have time to get into special curling irons or flat irons.  About a month ago I was at Ulta looking to see if they had one of the synthetic hair wash and style kits that I see online.  When I finally got the attention of an associate and asked if they stocked such a product she had no idea what I was talking about and looked at me as though I had three heads.  I asked a friend of mine what she uses and she had told me typical products that she uses on her own hair.  Hrm... I didn't have much time to chat with my friend here at work but she also confirmed that you most definitely should not use products that are not made for synthetic hair or you risk ruining it.  She also said if you ask in stores like Ulta and Sally's they will not know because even though Ulta has a beauty salon they do not work with synthetic hair.  I mentioned extensions turns out those are human hair.  I didn't know.  I have never had extensions.  So I mentioned the clip in ones sold in stores and she said people don't bother because they are clip in or throw them out before a wash would be warranted.

I haven't done much with my wigs and I haven't worn them anywhere yet either (except for my awful blonde wig at NYCC 2011) but I will be picking up one of the synthetic wig kits so that I can take care of them properly.  I would like my wigs to last.

Speaking of wigs has anyone see the new child size Disney wig for the movie Brave?  I saw it this weekend.  It's adorable and I love that the heroine of this movie has long curly red hair, but I can't imagine that wig surviving longer then one use on a child as adorable as it is.

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