Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers... my thoughts.

After Free Comic Book Day on Saturday we all went out to see the Avengers!  Woo hoo!

So I had tried asking a few friends (ones that I was sure would be interested) if they wanted to go see Avengers either at the midnight opening Thursday or Friday evening.  The few people I asked we all very interested, however they were not available to go.  I don't normally jump at the idea of seeing any movie opening weekend but being that FCBD was on Saturday I thought seeing the film before hearing about it at the various events I attended would be a good idea.  But as I keep saying "everything happens for a reason" and after FCBD we made plans to go!  Perfect!

What I love about this movie was the lack of hype by word of mouth.  It's almost as though there is a strange respectful hush where those that have seen it have only spread that its great and they loved it, but no real spoilers.  It's as though no one needs to talk about it because it really is that good.  There are very very few poor remarks that could be made about this film.  Like my friend Brian, I will be buying this the day it is released on Blu-Ray and I am going to pick it up on Blu-Ray not DVD.  I very rarely go for the Blu-Ray.

We did not see it in 3D.  I actually had no input on this.  I don't care for 3D so I didn't mind either, but had my friends wanted 3D I would have gladly put those silly glasses on and possibly rocked the Hulk 3D glasses.  HULK SMASH!  Not seeing it in 3D leaves me to wonder where the 3D came into play.  I am sure there are some moments where rubbish comes flying out of the screen but I still don't see 3D as anything more then a gimmick.  I do like it with animation though.

To me the best thing about the Avengers is how they do not get along and do not work as a team because they are all leaders and outspoken but in the end they always pull together and get the job done.  The bickering and the quips were perfect. 

On a side note, I adore Stellan Skarsgård because of his role in Mamma Mia and every single time I see him in a film I can not remember that it's Mamma Mia that I really liked him in.  He played one of the three fathers.

My few not so awesome remarks about the movie.

I did not like how Loki is essentially a puppet for a bigger threat.  I know Loki is a very strong character and quite the villain, but he comes across as bait in this film.  Tom Hiddleston plays Loki so well.  I felt as though the Black Widow was just present and really didn't hold much purpose.  Scarlet was awesome but imagine the film without her characters involvement and it's clear she did not have a purpose other then being a female and eye candy.  Black Widow is currently not part of the Avengers action figures (not for another two months) nor is she featured on all of the promotional media (i.e. missing from group shots, as is Hawkeye).  It makes sense that she is not featured as she is not given much purpose.

This is sad.  As my girlfriend pointed out young girls these days have no idea female super heroes exist.  I blame the film industry.  Marvel's upcoming films are Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Wolverine, and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2.  Where are all the women?  Supporting roles, being saved... thumbs way down to this.  We have all heard about the Danger Girl film (love Danger Girl), but Danger Girl is not family friendly.  Of course there is the Fathom movie, but will that ever take off and happen?  Oh and I remember hearing rumors about Witchblade and Darkchylde films.  None of these female lead films are Superheroines.  Reality is many people gain their understanding of the comic universes through the films and not the books.

I did read an article earlier about a possible S.H.E.I.L.D. film that would feature Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury.  This I can see doable.  I don't see any of these characters being able to support their own film and I really do not want to see Black Widow turned into the 2010 version of Elektra (even though I liked Elektra).

Hawkeye certainly serves a purpose in the film but he still is not a stand out character.  However, with SEVEN superheroes, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and Black Widow fall into their places as sub characters.  I guess that has to happen and in my experience its true to the hierarchy of the comics.

For some reason, Black Widow reminded me of Ms. Marvel in Civil War when she was recruiting.  I would LOVE to see Ms. Marvel in a film, but I guess she is a bit too strong of a female character (although she acts weak often).

I really did enjoy this movie.  I seem to be very good at nit picking films these days, but this one is good.  Just go see it.  It's the perfect combination of special effects, story, and design that is so rare these days.

Oh and can I just say WOW to the Hulk bringing it in the end!  Wow.

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