Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back in the Air

So taking a two year break from flying trapeze and jumping back in really is like riding a bike.

My first climb back up and onto the platform was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.  Some things have changed on the big trapeze.  Most notably a bigger platform which is excellent.  There are several new instructors who are all ridiculously fun to work with and learn from.

Being that I was returning to the same school and they know me I was asked what I wanted to try flying.  There are five beginner tricks and two of them I had never done.  In my last flying experience we skipped them and went right into some intermediate tricks both are in my YouTube videos.  So I figured it would be good for me to try those two before jumping into anything crazy.  This worked out perfectly and after the first few swings I felt like I was right back where I left off, but better.

Even my teachers told me I was flying better then I had been two years ago.  This is thanks to static trapeze.  I am stronger now.  I have also been working on beating correctly which helped me attempt my return to the bar.  For the first time I knew I actually pushed off when given direction.  It's either static trapeze or the amazing GNC powder added to my water (which I must find immediately).  I don't know what it is called.  I asked and immediately forgot, but I am going to go looking for it.  So far I can not find it on the GNC website.  For the first time at the end of class I did not feel exhausted and jumpy.  Being jumpy at the end of flying class is one of my issues.  When I get tired I get jumpy and sloppy which means my catches usually stink, but tonight I was there every second of the way.

Oh and what made me really happy was being able to do 20 leg lifts with straight legs!  This is coming from a girl that is allergic to abdominal work.  I HATE crunches, but I do not mind them on the trapeze.  Leg lifts are hanging from a trapeze bar and lifting the legs to get a nice crunch in the lower abs.  I was not asked to do 20.  I was asked to do how ever many I could and once I made it to 15 someone questioned if I could make it to 20 so I did it!  :D  It's weird feeling strong some days.

I threw my whip and caught it twice.  I tried a return on the second round and just missed it but regardless I am feeling pretty good right now even with my new rips and bruises.

The video below is me throwing a whip and missing my return.  One more for the blooper reel!  I enjoy my little kicks.  It's funny how when in the air EVERYONE tries to run for the bar.  Enjoy!

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  1. Ha! I found it! Cellucor C4 Extreme! Yes yes YES! So hitting up GNC tomorrow!



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