Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cosplay plans for WW Philly!

Okay... so I have been ubber busy and I still feel completely disorganized for this show, but that is okay.  Here is my cosplay schedule:

Thursday: American McGee's Alice
Friday: X-23
Saturday: Supergirl

X-23 is pretty uncomfortable to wear and since Alice and X share loads of costume pieces (and contacts) I am planning on switching it up mid day.  Originally, I was planning on wearing Amy Pond, but that has changed.  So I might not be at the show Sunday, since I am sure I will be wiped out.  I will not be cosplaying if I am there.

If you see me please stop by and say hi!

I finally took pictures of Amy Pond.  If you check the cosplay page there is now a picture, but a few more on the facebook page.