Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FCBD 2012 (aka: FCBD Mid Atlantic Tour)

This year was my very first year attending Free Comic Book Day and I didn't know what to expect.  I know some stores have lots of activities going on to promote FCBD and others not so much.

I had said in my previous post that I was attending three events in three different states which I did.  I was at each one for about an hour.  My first stop of the day was at Flatbush Brooklyn's Bulletproof Comics.  Unfortunately, no one showed up on time except for me and because I can not cosplay alone (especially in Flatbush, more on that in a future post) I remained covered up.  I am not sure if the entire event kicked off late or if it was just meant to be a very quiet day at the shop.

(c)2012 Amber Unmasked
I officially debuted my new X-23 cosplay!  This was at the request of a fellow cosplayer who was supposed to be at the Flatbush event and did not show.  No worries I held it together as one of the few Marvel cosplayers and the sole X-Men cosplayer for the day.  Always the individual over here.  My fellow cosplayers seemed to really like my costume.  I am a bit funny about baring my stomach, but I did so anyway.  I could technically put my waist cincher on and still refer to it as X-23.  By the end of the day it was clear the pants are not going to last very long and I do need to remake the top (again).  From trapezing my arm and upper back muscles changed a little plus I tightened the arms of the top a bit too tight with the elastic.  Thanks to a wonderful "friction stick" I did not get cuts just below my arm pit.  No joke.  The next morning I had bright red lines on my upper torso from where the arm band sat.  So a new top is in order.  Thankfully since I have already made the top twice this sound be easy peasy by now.  Hopefully I make the top fall low enough to put a wider elastic in. 

My second stop was at Comic Fusion in Flemington New Jersey.  I have been invited to events here previously but this was the first time I was able to attend.  Turns out I have met the owner quite a few times over the years at conventions.  She has one of those faces and personalities that stands out in a crowd.  Think about all of the people at a convention.  It's pretty tough to pull off standing out amongst that crowd, yet she does it.  I met a bunch of awesome cosplayers and finally got to meet Amber from Amber Unmasked.  They had a very nice set up at Comic Fusion with several creators, face painting, popcorn and a few discount deals with neighboring businesses.  Thumbs up to Comic Fusion.

My third stop of the day was at Comics & More in King of Prussia Pennsylvania which is in a mall.  Being the last stop of my day and that two of my favorite people were there (Cosplay Girl: Victoria and Brian) of course it was my favorite and we followed it up with iHop and the Avengers.  The event was fun.  They also had a few creators and I saw a familiar face from Zenescope who's name I have forgotten AGAIN.  Everytime I forget his name.  I think it's Dan or Chris.  Ugh!  We were also invited to return for a PAID gig over the summer.  More on that in the future if it happens.  I would hate to spill those beans too early.

FCBD was a very long fun filled day for me.  I think next year I might milk it down to two shops or just one because I don't mind being at one place all day long.  It just sounded like fun to jump around this year and it was!

The Comic Fusion Cosplayers before I got there.
(c)2012 Amber Unmasked

The Comic Fusion Cosplayers after I got there
(c)2012 Amber Unmasked
(c) 2012 Comics & More
Brian makes awesome faces
(c)2012 Cosplay Girl: Victoria

DC vs Marvel
(c)2012 Cosplay Girl: Victoria

(c)2012 Cosplay Girl: Victoria

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