Friday, May 4, 2012


So I have tried quite a few ways to get in shape over the years that I thought were more fun then work.  Currently this includes trapezing but in the past it has been dancing, yoga, and hula hooping.

I have always heard about how hula hooping is so good for the abs because you have to keep a tight core to keep the hoop around your waist.  I was also a spastic hula hooper as a child.  I also never had a hula hoop as a child so I never really got to figure out what I was doing, but in gym class I was fabulous at hooping around my arms and neck.  Yes, I said neck.  Now-a-days I would never hoop around my neck for fear of the hooping flying off (and breaking something or hurting someone) or smacking myself in the face with the hoop, because the spastic quality never really goes away does it?

So around five years ago I bought a wavy water hula hoop.  I still have it and I do use it from time to time.  Before buying the childhood hula hoop of my dreams I researched adult hula hoops.  I figured someone has to have grown up and made an adult hoop.  By adult I do not mean a professional hula hoop.  The only adult hoop I could find was Sports Hoop.  At the time there were very few options and the hoops were pricy.  The only ones available were weighted with a thick sponge (for impact) around the hoop.  With so few choices I got my $5 wavy water hoop.

I went to town hooping like a crazy girl.  Why just watch TV when you can hoop and watch TV?  Problem was my wavy "water" hoop had water in it.  The water leaks and at times works like a mini sprinkler.  So after a few weeks I got annoyed with the water problem and stopped.  The other issue was bruising.  My wavy hoop is very light yet after an hour or so of hooping it left some awkward bruising on my hips. 

Summer 2010, I picked up a few copies of Shape magazine.  Awesome magazine.  Its everything I want in a magazine.  One of those issues featured Marrissa Tomei and her hula hoop work out.  That's awesome but still adult hoops were not so common.  Quite a few of the exercises shown in the book I could not do with my hoop, because it's child size.  Frustrating.  :/

Today I stopped in GNC to pick up the amazing Cellulor C4.  The GNC employee enrolled me in the Gold card which gave me a sweet $10 off AND they had a promotion for the C4 buy one get one half off!  So I got Pink Lemonade which I have tried and Blue Raspberry which the two male employees said is awesome and tastes like cotton candy.  Woo hoo!  Sugar!  I am so drinking this in my water bottle tomorrow... maybe I will bust out some crazy work.

With my new GNC gold card I was given their magazine which is basically meant to sell GNC products and health products of their advertisers.  One of them is Hoopnotica!!!  FINALLY!  Finally someone is cashing in on this awesome workout.  They have DVDs and the hoops (just like Sports Hoop) break apart for travel and storage.  They even come with a sling to carry them.  They have retreats and classes and ooh la la... if only I lived in LA.

I am so sold on Hoopnotica.  I really hope this becomes a fad (like Zumba) and you better bet at some point in the future I will own one of these fancy hoops.  Apparently this 1.5lb weighted hoop is easier on the body.  Yay!  :D  Oh and I totally have to see if I can win a hoop... like right now.  Bye!