Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just an Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been a bit vacant lately.  I have been busy with chores, flying trapeze, work, and life.  I am still over here being super creative.  It seems I can not stop myself lately.  Even when I think I am taking an evening off, I find myself knitting or painting.  I just can't help it.  I think it's a good thing though.  It's certainly keeping me busier then needed, but it feels great to have the creative juices running.

As said a previous post I created a Clockwork Bunny last week.  Last night I had trouble sleeping so I pumped out white fluffy leg warmers off my knitting loom.  I have the new Fluttershy skirt cut and ready to be put together.  I also picked up yarn to make a scarf for Amy Pond which I plan on banging out this holiday weekend.  That is if I don't wind up doing it tomorrow night.

I am pretty sure I have my cosplays for WW Philly planned and I get to start packing them up soon.  Fluttershy will not be among them, which is rather nice since I don't really want to bring the wings.  I am afraid they will get damaged.  It's looking like American McGees Alice, X-23, Supergirl, Amy Pond and possibly Calie (only because Raven has never gotten to see it).  I was contemplating Elektra, but my girl is borrowing it.  Boy is she going to be hooked on Elektra.  Elektra is very well received and not often seen.  She even gets to use my new sai's which reminds me I was thinking about making the spandex bands.  Pretty sure I still have red spandex.  See what I mean?  I just can't stop thinking of creative things to do.  PLUS I still have my painted water guns that need to be coated with the Polyurethane (thank you Manlio).  I bought it and everything, but I haven't gotten to sit down and paint them.

I hope everyone is having a great week, weekend and holiday!  Stay safe!

I will be flying trapeze and going to the movies. Oh and making peanut butter cookies, yup there I go again being creative.  =D

Oh and I so want to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) this coming week...