Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: Friction Sticks

Lets talk about anti-friction sticks.

A week or two ago I stopped in Sports Authority nosing around for trapeze shorts and stumbled across a product called Body Glide.  Body Glide is an anti-friction stick that looks like a travel deodorant.  Of course when looking at this product I didn't think of trapeze, but cosplay.  I have had some moments where a costumes pieces have done a number to irritate my skin, the biggest culprit being petticoats.

So I picked up this little .80oz stick to give it a shot.  I also found in my bathroom a similar product that I already owned called Miracle Shield by Dr. Scholl's.  It's meant to be put on the bottom of the achilles tendon where dress shoes can rub and break the skin.  It's the exact same product as Body Glide, but it's has a more wax feel to it.

I had tried testing out the Body Glide and found it to be a bit tough to work with.  It seems a bit flaky and it doesn't exactly glide on.  In fact it's so tough to work with I couldn't tell if the product was even on.

This past weekend I cosplayed X-23 and my top is too snug around my arms.  Snug enough that wearing it for a few minutes is uncomfortable.  I tested out the Miracle Shield instead of the Body Glide.  The Miracle Shield went on very easily and it's not flaky at all.  Best of all but the end of my very long day in my uncomfortable top I had no cuts or chaffing.  I did have two lovely red marks but I will take that any day over cuts and irritation.

I say Dr. Scholl's Miracle Stick is just that... a miracle.  There are quite a few anti friction sticks out there and in Sports Authority there were two different ones.  It would be silly for me to purchase both but I might try the other brand since I do not like the Body Glide.  Both Sports Authority products have the same main ingredient allantoin.  The one thing I do not like about the Dr. Scholl's product is that they do not label the ingredients on the tube, packaging, or the website.  I am sure if I emailed them they would let me know, but these days that seems as though something is being hidden.  Both of the products I tried appear to be fragrance free (I know the body glide is for sure).  Also the Miracle Shield has had a name change and is not called Rub Relief, I like Miracle Shield better.

Have you tried any other these products?  What are your thoughts?

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