Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spider-Man Logos on Traffic Signs

So something I have been noticing around where I live for the last few WEEKS is spider-man logos on highway/traffic signs.

Usually, it's one of our green highway signs that have a bit of dead space.  These signs have a white spider attached to them in the dead space.  Today I noticed a "No Turn on Red" sign with a red dot and blue spider over the signs usual red dot.  I would love to get a photo but I am driving when I see them.  Has anyone else noticed these?

I questioned it being spider-man until I saw the red and blue one today which is with without a doubt the spider-man logo.

I wonder if this is a street team or a nutty fan.  I can't imagine it being a real marketing ploy as I am pretty sure that can be considered defacing property and highly illegal.  However, it would be quite clever if they were working with the DOT because I definitely noticed a change in the signs.

But really, what gives?  Has anyone else seen these?


  1. Is this true? Why would they put Spiderman logos there? Very clever.

    1. I think its someone being funny, but they are around where I live. I will have to try to get a picture. Hard to do when I am driving though.


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