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Well I just got back from another weekend out in the greater Philadelphia area, this time for both Zenkaikon and the Once Upon a Time season finale.

By AllyCat Alisha

Love the Dash cutie mark patch.
Zenkaikon was my first anime convention and it was very much like Long Islands iCon, except much smaller and I know more people at this show.  Truth be told I do enjoy these smaller shows.  They are much easier to get around in and by the end of the day I am not completely wiped out.  Like iCon they have a wildy censored prop policy, you are purchasing a membership not a ticket, and the convention floor is the dealer room.  I guess that is not as odd as I once thought.

Attending this show was a last minute decision and it just happened to fit perfectly with the weekend plans.  I was going to be out that way later in they day anyway so why not come out earlier and have a new convention adventure.

I am just now checking out the program and map (unlike iCon they have a MAP that is readable).  The show is small enough that I thought we had seen everything but it turns out we missed the actual photo booth (unless it was moved), the demos (of what I wonder), and possibly the autographs (I am pretty sure no one was over there).

The actual venue was a touch too big for the show.  It was a nice place and laid out pretty well, but the main hall seemed almost vacant because it was so big in comparison to what was taking place in it.

When I arrived on Saturday the Kyo Daiko Taiko Drummers were on stage and wow.  They are amazing to watch.  An extremely polite young girl asked to take a photo with me while we were in a trance watching the drummers.  She knew I was caught and we got lucky because it was the very end of their set.  You can hear her in the video.  I only filmed a little bit, but here is a sample.  I don't even want to imagine trying to play like this.

My big complaint about this show was the food venue.  The food selection appeared to be rather large but they were sold out of almost everything.  Okay, that happens.  What got me was the pretzel stand.  Patrons buying pretzels, paid for their pretzel, then the customer opened the unit and pulled out their own pretzel.  There was wax paper available but I watched people dig through with bare hands and no paper.  Beyond gross.  Sorry, I work in food service and that is gross.  Seriously made me question my cheeseburger.  I tried not to think about it.

My other quip has nothing to do with the show itself but about a vendor.  Brian was very excited to show me a Dr. Who vendor there and immediately I got a funny vibe from the vendor.  So Vicki, Brian and I stepped away and looked at everything else.  We combed that room thoroughly.  Vicki and I stopped by the Dr. Who vendor once more.  I was actually interested in either a plush Dalek or Adipose, but I had not made up my mind yet.  I am not crazy about the updated Daleks.  I like the old funny ones.  I was explaining to Vicki who the Adipose is and the vendor got annoyed that I was holding it.  So after I finished I put it down and we walked away.  That lady lost a sale because of her shoddy attitude.  The vendor was Science Fiction Continuum.  The bright-side is I just found the same plushies for almost half the price online.  I did not take a picture of the Dr. Who booth (I wonder how she would have reacted to that), but I did take a picture of an amazing Tardis corset!  It is a beauty.  I would never ever figure out where to wear it to but it is gorgeous and the vendors were sweethearts to top it off.

>:/ not what I had in my head...
close but not quite
You may have heard me mumbling about making a new MLP patch on Thursday and Friday.  I was trying to make Vicki a Rainbow Dash cutie mark for her cosplay as a surprise, but I didn't like how it was coming out at all.  However, there was a ridiculously friendly vendor that had them.  She had Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.  I picked up two Dash's.  I don't plan on cosplaying Dash, but one day I might want to pop this onto a shirt or a random piece of clothing.  The second one was for Vicki.  Looking at these patches and mine I can see where mine went a little haywire.  She used fusing but an iron on I think.  The one I was making is bigger and I was using sticky fusing plus hand sewing that you can see in the pic.  I will leave these details to the felt professionals.

(c)2012 Cosplay Girl Victoria
Regardless of my remarks I really enjoyed this show.  Unlike iCon, I went with two awesome friends (Vicki and Brian) and I bumped into another new friend Gregg, whom I met last weekend at FCBD.  To make things even better Vicki and I donned MLP cosplays.  Hers was Hatsune Miku as a MLP fan and I was a rave style Fluttershy.  Can I just say people love MLP?  I met tons of MLP fans.  Many of them asked if I was attending BronyCon at the end of next month (which I plan to).  Two other Fluttershy's were present.  One asked to take a picture with me and the other one was very standoffish.  I get the feeling she wasn't fond of the duplication, but it happens and it happens often.  She was not rude though and I appreciate that.  One MLP fan was a really young girl who lost it with excitement when she saw me and more then once.  That was the highlight of my day.  I love the kids at shows they completely make cosplaying amazing.

Rave Fluttershy was so much fun I am changing my Fluttershy cosplay to be a more complete rave style.  Originally I was working on making a yellow dress with pink goblets, but the pink did not work well and the lining (and interfacing) to the dress only falls to the waist making the entire skirt completely see through.  Plus it came out huge on me.  Then I bought a yellow dress to alter and I love the dress but the yellow is slightly more orange then I would like it to be.  I am not sure I can dye it without ruining the dress.  So next week and weekend (before WW Philly) I will be making a skirt.  I am not sure if I am going to go with a pleated skirt or a circle skirt yet.  The circle skirt will need a pink petticoat (augh petticoats).  The top is going to be a tank top I already own and I picked up a pink baby backpack today.  The fun of MLP is that you can really do anything you want with it.  I used to rave forever ago and I kid you not I rocked MLP back then, not quite like this though.

Once Upon a Time talk tomorrow... :o)

Picture time now!

Flying Squirrels unite!  I can't wait to show this to a friend of mine.
He thinks Sugar Gliders are creepy.  haha.

How ADORABLE are these!!!!!
Only Ducks

Fancy Prop Replica Swords...
not for cosplay.. not at conventions anyway.

I love this cosplay... so simple and the person inside was a riot.

MLP and pirates!  That's my new buddy Gregg in the middle.
He is a wonderful Will Turner if you ask me.
Psh... whatever...
My ghetto South Queens friends have taught me well
(c)2012 Cosplay Girl Victoria
 Next con... WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA!  Yea... three trips to the Philly area in a month... ain't not thang.  ;o)

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