Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello everyone!

I am still here.  I am a bit backlogged with blog posts at the moment as I have had a recklessly busy May and early June.  This past week was completely exhausting.  My schedule was this WWPhilly Thursday through Sunday with loads of driving (it's not quite as bad as jet lag but similar), Tuesday flying trapeze, Wednesday Snow White and the Huntsman, Thursday Nice Work on Broadway, Friday Static Trapeze, and then I worked all week on top of everything.  Each night I didn't get to bed until midnight or later because I have not been home.  So I haven't been home to write anything!  I haven't been online much on my phone or on the computer.  So little that friends and family have actually called to ask if I am okay.  They do miss me when I am not around.  :o)

So far on my only free weekend until sometime in July I have managed to coat my prop water guns with polyurethane and get 75% of Fluttershy's skirt finished.  Oh and I got a bit of Alice Madness Returns in there too.

I am working on the review of WW Philly.  I actually have most of it written.  I just fixed all of my eBay auctions (finally).  I might be putting more up later.  After I take a look through what I have not posted yet.

I really want to thank all of my readers, fans, friends, and cosplay family for helping me find pictures from WW Philly.  There is no way I would have found them on my own, especially with the crazy week I had directly following the convention.  You're a huge help.

So upcoming blogs...
WW Philly Review is up first
Snow White and the Huntsman Review is a possibility
Nice Work Review is a possibility
My thoughts on costuming and costumers is a possibility

Lets see what this week brings... maybe I can whip these out.  ;o)

Oh and for trapeze, I actually wound up canceling my Tuesday flying class because of being very much run down from my crazy month of May.  Static class went wonderfully.  I actually did an Iron Cross for the first time and I am getting better at the Amazon.  It was my first class at the summer location where I felt like I actually had a good class.  I also learned a forward roll to ankle hang!  Finally the ankle hang did not feel like my feet were being ripped from my body!

I am hoping to get WW Philly up tonight or tomorrow night.