Sunday, July 29, 2012

How I Stay Upbeat and Happy...

I am at home this evening and awake later then usual because I am watching the Olympics!

I am sort of funny with Olympic sports.  Of course my favorite is gymnastics and I was really upset today thinking I was going to miss it because I can't figure out this London schedule.  I seem to be getting the London time schedule.  However, as luck would have it it's on tonight!

So a while back I had been asked how I stay so happy despite what life throws at me because it's certainly not all peaches and cream.  So my concept of happiness is that no matter what happens negative in my life there is always something positive going on that the same time, plus often through the negative I can see the positive because I choose to see it.  I also believe that happiness is a choice and not a destination.  You can choose to be miserable or happy despite the circumstances around you.  I also believe everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to be learned.  You just have to be willing to find the lesson and actually learn from it.  When I look back at old roadblocks regardless of how upsetting they were at the time I am now very happy they happened because I moved past them.

What do I do when I am not happy?  I throw myself into trapeze or I go hiking and get lost taking photos.  I also follow The Daily Love (as I have mentioned numerous times), but I have found in the last six months I don't read it like I used to because I don't need to these days.

This doesn't mean I don't have bad days, weeks, or months, because I do.  This whole month of July has been a huge downer and yesterday I was practically in tears because my hiking was rained out and it was looking liked trapeze was going to be rained out as well and I really needed to be out taking my mind of things.  As luck would have it the rain cleared up just in time for trapeze.  Maybe it was my weather changing power.  There is a reason people call me sunshine.  It's not because of a sunny disposition but I rarely get caught in the rain.

I had something not so awesome happen last weekend and I am still very unhappy about it, but I went to my trapeze class and I took it all out on the bar.  It's a healthy way of dealing with pain by taking my mind away for a bit and now that I am home I feel much more okay with the circumstances because they are what they are and regardless I am still out bettering myself.  Since last weekend, I managed to throw (or get into) a back end split, I threw the best swing ever today, I finally tried taking off without a belt hold, figured out a transition turn in static trapeze without my teachers help, and finally started working on my routine for an upcoming show (it's in a few months).  So I have had a lot of small achievements despite the other things going on outside of trapeze and those achievements keep me very happy.

So my advice to those wondering how to get out of a funk is not come study circus, but find something that gives you peace of mind and fulfillment whether it be something in solitude or in a group.  Just go out there and find it.  Maybe it's an art class, soccer team, cycling, rock climbing, learning an instrument or anything else... just because you might not be in school doesn't mean you can't go for it.  Don't go into a new hobby thinking you're going to be amazing from the get go.  Everyday I trapeze I honestly think I am pretty awful and I fail a lot, but when I don't it's pretty darn satisfying.  Oh and of course if you think studying circus might be for you then by all means come and join us.

Nike had it right.  Just do it!

So there you have it, my thoughts on being happy.  Below are two video from today!  Enjoy!

And my sloppy back end split with a bit of swinging, but not my best.