Saturday, July 28, 2012

Londons Olympic Opening Ceremony

So who watched the Olympic opening ceremony last night?

I watched most of it.  It was very long and I kept popping in and out of it because I just don't have the attention span these days.

I love the UK.  I love it even more after seeing the opening ceremony's.  The very beginning was a bit odd for me.  When the volunteers were out in the pastures but once the setting changed to the industrial era and the oh the drumming was amazing.  I enjoyed all the nods to British pop culture but of course my favorites were not there or I missed them when I was distracted.  My favorite British musicians are Joss Stone, Lilly Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, Charlotte Church... gush... well not everyone can be there right?  I also know that Joss was here in the states.  Where was Doctor Who????

I enjoyed the nod to British children's litterateur.  Where was Winne the Pooh?  Did I miss him?  Seems to me they had quite a few famous villains and only Mary Poppins to save the children.  A good friend of mine had questioned why Mary Poppins since she never fought evil and if you have only known Poppins through the Disney film she then has not, but in the books she does in a way.  If I remember correctly she aids in nightmares and also chases away the dreadful nanny Mrs. Andrews. 

The music and WWW  number was very cute but I missed quite a bit of it.  Mr. Bean was great as usual.  Queen Elizabeth's entrance was cute.  Though I wish she would smile more.  I did not watch the athletes walk.  The lighting of the Olympic cauldron was beautiful.  I love that each of the 205 petals on the cauldron represent each competing territory and nation.  Could they have created a more lovely cauldron?  I am not sure.  The fire works at the end made me so glad I forced myself to stay up until midnight to see it. 

I saw an article on the post that mentioned how some Americans were confused as to whether or not the opening ceremony was live.  Of course NOT.  London is five hours ahead of NY.  So at 7:30pm, when it aired it was 12:30am in London.  I won't pretend this didn't make me giggle.  They even announced the show was prerecorded.

Did you watch it?  What did you think of the ceremony?