Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Island Toy Fair

Today, we went to the Long Island Toy Show!

This was my second Toy Show and as much as I don't want to say this it was not nearly as good as the New Jersey one I attended back in February.

The first issue was finding the show.  The Jersey Show had been confusing to figure out as well, but this was one on the Hofstra Campus and not in the gymnasium like other shows I have attended at Hofstra.  Just like the Jersey show, when I put the address in the GPS it sent us south of the actual show.  Both times!  However, the card did say the North Campus and when we turned onto 900 Fulton Street the sign clearly said South Campus.  Hrmp!  It really was not nearly as off as the Jersey address that one had me in an apartment complex.  This time we just had to head north and AH HA the North Campus sign appeared.  Then once in the "toy show" parking area there was no sign directing traffic to the entrance.  So I just went left and once around the bend there were plenty of signs.  I happened to pick the right direction.  They were just missing a sign in the parking lot for direction otherwise the signs were actually perfect.

The show was about half the size of the Jersey one, maybe even a little smaller.  I did not see much retro toys beyond Star Wars, GI Joe, and a hand full of Barbies.  Being a smaller show it makes sense that the variety would be less, but I was surprised at the amount of current toys and figures on show.  I saw a lot of items I can find in a toy store right now.  Plus a few older or more adult toys I can find easily at a comic shop.

The highlight was seeing a familiar seller who sells vintage My Little Pony.  I new she would be there, but she did not bring as many ponies as she normally does.  She also has a funny was of pricing where nothing is labeled, but she told me they range from $7 to $75 and pointed to a Twinkle Eye Mimic.  I do not drop money like that on ponies.  Of the vintage ponies I collect almost exclusively baby G1, not adult ponies so this $75 Mimic was of no interest to me.  However, on a eBay search the same pony is listed as $65 BIN or $35 at auction.  Either way she is not $75.  That said I will not drop money like that with out researching.

I picked out three baby ponies out of the five she had.  They were pretty clean and I know I did not own them.  I had picked out three mail order ponies: Stockings, Blue Ember, and Milky Way.  Of the three Milky Way was the fixer upper.  She had some marks on her body and needed a new hair do.  Turns out the first two ponies were $7 and Milky Way was $65!  This would be less shocking if she did not need cleaning.  On a quick eBay search she goes for about $60-75 so the price was right technically, but the ones on eBay have been cleaned.

Oh as we rounded the back corner of the show there were two booths fighting for attention.  Comic Book Men had a booth and are casting for the next season.  Directly across from this lady trying to get peoples attention to sign up were two men also begging for attention to hand out post cards for another toy show.  It was like having two pit-bulls attack you at once.  It was overwhelming and yea they scared me away from the area.

I left a bit disappointed at not picking up more then two ponies.  I was also looking for more Danger Girl figures.  I can buy them on eBay but I would rather get them at a show.  It's much more fun that way.  After finally getting home this evening during my eBay searches I decided to buy some ponies to make up for my toy show bust... and now Baby Snippy, Baby Graffiti, Baby Bouncy, and Baby Tic-Tac-Toe have been purchased.  All look like they have been cleaned and groomed.  I have decided from now on I am going to try to buy groomed ponies.  I just don't have the time for cleaning them like I used to.