Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July everyone!

Boy have I had a crazy last two months and things appear to finally be winding down which should mean regular blog posts again!  Yay!

So today I finally FINALLY finished the Fluttershy skirt.  I am not an awesome hemmer.  Nope.  In fact when I cut the fabric for the skirt lining I actually messed up a piece and had two holes in the fabric.  However, it's friggin LINING, no one will see it!  I patched it and it's not so pretty but I don't care.  I am just so happy the skirt is finished.  I started this project long ago.

I have been flying trapeze just about every week (as long as it does not rain).  I have also been training on static trapeze on the weekends.  No lie, that muscle between the collar bone and neck is getting ripped!  I am also getting a crazy quad muscle that is new to me, but I like it.  Bruise update, I thought I broke my toe (again) a few weeks ago, have a huge bruise on the back of one thigh from penny rolls, and then on the back of the other thigh I now have a sweet gauze burn from sliding in the penny roll.  Not to mention all the little bumps and bruises every where from static.

My flying is getting better.  I can now catch a Penny Roll.  Yesterday I caught my first return.  I am almost getting the hang of the swing.  My goal for the ENTIRE SEASON is to learn a shooting star.  I might be able to try it next week!  :D

Oh and I am toying with a few new cosplay ideas but nothing I am making myself at this time.  I don't have time!  It took me 3 months to make a SKIRT!

Here are some trapeze videos.  One of these days I will get pictures and video of static trapeze.  Often I find the cameras distracting unless a non student is doing it, but we are usually on our own.  Hopefully soon.

Thank you so much to my awesome friend Melanie for filming these!  I <3 you!