Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Paracord Bracelet

So today I left work early because I still have my fun migraine (that is sarcasm because it's definitely not fun).  I have been itching to do something creative and while I have Abbey waiting for some attention I decided today was the day to test out making paracord bracelets!

I remember seeing these on a facebook ad years ago and thinking they would be suitable for a friend of mine thankfully I never did purchase one.  Turns out making one is very inexpensive and it's a quick project.  I would call this an intermediate project as weaving the paracord can be slightly confusing.  I realized a quarter of the way into my first bracelet that the weave was not correct even though I was following the instructions.  This project took me about 20 minutes for each bracelet, but I am guessing it was less then that and with more practice they should take even less time.

I bought my test supplies at Micheal's Arts and Crafts.  They have a nice variety of colors that equal enough cord for two bracelets.  They also have kits with several colors included.  However, you can find bulk paracord online for a smaller cost which is great for me since I am hoping to make a bunch more of these come November for Operation Gratitude.

I do not like the buckles from Micheal's so I will be on the look out for a better curved parachute buckle.

A quick warning: be careful weaving the paracord!  As I was weaving I could feel the potential for rope burns on my fingers.  So tighten the cord, but don't drag your fingers across it.

If you are interested in making your own bracelet or making some for our troops.  The tutorial I used is below.  It is a PDF file and it also includes information on donating to Operation Gratitude.

How to make a Paracord Bracelet

The Priority Mail weaving loom. 
I did mine a little different then the loom tutorial.

Getting somewhere with bracelet number one.

almost done

The two bracelets I made.
The first one is a little tight, so I made the second one bigger...

Maybe I made it a little too big.
I still like them.
I will probably donate the bigger one.

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