Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mirgaines... Ouchies...

Oh my, headaches...

I went to bed last night with a small headache and was so committed to laying in bed that I  did not get up and take something to get rid of it.  I am paying for not getting out of bed today and this evening.

I seem to never recognize when a migraine is about to strike.  I know I can kill it immediately if I take something right away (or maybe I just get lucky those few times I remember).  I know I can ease it with Excedrin, but that is hard to come by these days since the big recall last winter.  Luckily for me I still have a full bottle from before the recall and no I do not care if it's part of the recall because this stuff works for me.  Because it works so well I can understand why people have been auctioning off their bottles and making bank on those of us who need relief.  Thing is, I am not supposed to be taking Excedrin because it has aspirin in it.  Oh well.  I took it just now anyway (and it helped a lot, whew).

I woke up this morning with a full blown headache.  Laid in bed longer then I should have thinking it would go away.  Went to work and tried to have breakfast.  I tried.  I got half way through an egg sandwich.  I had the lovely experience of being near a smell that I would normally be okay with but instead it flipped my stomach because migraines make me nauseous.  I had a sales person stop in to introduce the person he is training to take over his position.  Turns out he is very ill and now is in a Jazzy type scooter.  He is a lovely man, very chatty and friendly.  It's rather sad to see him falling ill and remember how he was beforehand.  He drives into our office and barely fit through the door.  In the process of getting in his scooter actually pushed my desk out into me which sounds much worse then it was.  He then turned himself around and just missed slamming into me, but parked himself right behind my chair.  There I was with a nauseating headache and then I was pinned to my desk and I get claustrophobic.  So I am sitting there trying to keep calm, not get sick, and on top of it the sales guy he was training was attempting to flirt with me.  No bueno.  I felt like I was being so mean even though I was trying my best not to be.  Hate that feeling.

I could have stayed home today.  I could have called out sick.  However, I am too stuck on honoring my commitments.  Granted I am not perfect by any means, but I like to be reliable as often as I can.  I like to be able to tell someone this will be done on this day by this time and not only have it done but a few hours early.  Funny how I can make that commitment to someone else but when it comes to my own personal projects it never seems to work out as well.  Until I hit that last minute deadline of course.

Anyway, anyone else ever get these kinds of headaches?  I felt cross-eyed all day long, any noise was like being stabbed in my brain, and when I took a look at my face my eyebrows were slightly furrowed all day long.  The world always looks a little funnier with a migraine too.  Seems lighter and brighter then usual, things kind of glow, and seem blurry (or blurrier since I need to get my script updated).  Driving home was a barrel of fun and horror as I was in a daze.

I just read an interesting "remedy" taking a warm bath while cooling the head with an ice pack to re-balance body temperature.  As odd as this sounds, it makes a lot of sense.  Hanging around my place today I had the AC on to cool my head off but my body was so cold I was bundled up (and I still am bundled up like winter time).

How do you handle headaches?  Anyone have some interesting relief methods?  I am curious.

I ate.  I drank water.  I had caffeine.  I took several Motrin during the day that did nothing but dull it a little.  I took a nap.  Ugh.

It might be time to try what my aunt did and go gluten free.  The diet certainly helped her out.  Bah and now I am longing for a sandwich.... hrrrrmmmm.... peanut butter and honey anyone?  ;o)