Saturday, August 4, 2012

New My Little Pony Toys

Hi there every pony!

I haven't written much about MLP at all recently (except for the Toy Fair).  So why not now?

This weekend I was supposed to be upstate visiting family, you know that family that I found on facebook last summer.  Well I canceled because of reasons I can't disclose here.  It really sucks to disappoint those I care about but I just couldn't be there.  I guess the bright side is that they ARE disappointed.

Here I was with an open weekend and an extra day off from work (would have been two, but I decided to go into work Monday).  So I went shopping!  :D

Boy did I loose my head a little and for the most part I bought stuff I actually needed, but lucky me I stumbled onto new G4 MLP toys in a local Target!  Between Thursday and now (Saturday) I have been to three different Targets... it just happened like that.  The first was the one I used to work at and is never stocked.  Its very different from when I used to work there.  The other two are a different story and it was Target number two that gave me my happy surprise!  They had new MLP!  They had stocked the new 6" plush but only had Twilight Sparkle left in stock (I am keeping an eye out for Dash and Dash alone).  They had the new glimmer wing sets which I passed on for now because they had all three of the new blind bag size sets!  Last I heard a lot of these new pieces were going to be Toys'R'Us exclusives, guess that was false info.
Happy surprise number ONE

Today I went into the THIRD Target (I had to return something and its closer to where I live), I found the Pony Rainbow Collection another item I had heard would be a Toys'R'Us exclusive, turns out its a Target exclusive which you can see on the box.  These blind bag size ponies made sense being toys'r'us since last winter they had the large blind bag size exclusive.  Times change.
Happy surprise number TWO

I also went and donated clothing and housewares to a thrift shop near me and took a peak through their stock where I found two more ponies, but G3 (as usual).

So this afternoon still on my accidental pony hunting high I decided it was time to pull out the thift shop ponies that had been waiting to be cleaned for quite some time now.  Nine of them all together.  Two are collector 25th Anniversary ponies, Snuzzle and Minty all the others are G3.  Two different Pinkie Pies, Juniper, Scoot-a-loo, Sweetie Belle, Baby Pink Sunsparkle, and Rainbow Dash (the large one).  I am happy they are all cleaned up and right now my kitchen is pony central as they dry.  I normally don't let them back up like this.

Also in the last month I picked up four G1 baby ponies off of eBay.  I decided I will now purchase the precleaned ponies.  Less hassle for me.  I picked up Baby Snippy, Baby Graffiti, Baby Tic Tac Toe, and Baby Bouncy.  Okay, I am now off to look through eBay for the one and ONLY Monster High Doll I would like to own... I do not have any now and I have enough ponies to compensate for other collections that could be created.
Dash is using the curlers I put in my hair, lol.
On first look her hair was in great condition, but it was quite unruly when I brushed it.

All clean and drying...
So this totally got me ready for the new season of FIM... how about you?