Thursday, September 27, 2012

Circus Arts Galore!

Hello everyone!

Remember when I said I would be posting a trapeze blog?  Well here is it!

So first thing is first my girlfriends and I have been working super hard at our routines for a show next month.  It’s literally a month away tomorrow!  AUGH!  We have been working on our routines since July and we are all finally falling into place with our tricks, timing, musicality, etc.  It’s very exciting.  Last weekend we made some big changes that are minor in the overall picture, but those changes made my routine work a million times better.  Now it’s just a matter of polishing it more.  I am sure I will be babbling about our routines in the future, but no spoilers.

I also had the opportunity to put my hands on my friends lyra.  I have been avoiding this for a year because I am afraid I will like it too much.  It was a little odd being on a different apparatus but I could definitely see myself getting very comfortable with it.

Two weeks ago I tried aerial silks for the second time.  I had tried it two years ago and I didn’t care for it.  It’s a lot of wrapping and knots.  The big thing that has kept me from silks is the foot lock.  The first time I tried silks the way the lock was on my foot was very painful and set off major foot cramps.  I get crazy foot cramps in the arch of my foot (usually while sleeping) where my entire foot will twist to the point that my little toe is below where my big toe belongs.  It’s very painful.

However, this time trying out silks was a lot of fun.  The foot lock was still tight but it didn’t cause me any misery.  I was able to climb to the top of the silk with no problems.  I questioned this at the beginning because I haven’t been able to climb the slippery rope we use for rigging.  Plus when I first tried climbing this silk I found it to be a little slippery and very stretchy.  Then I realized I had ankle spats on.

Wee!  Almost there!
The purpose of putting the silks up was to work on stretching.  One of my life long goals has been to be able to do a split.  I am not talking a straddle split, just a side split.  I have never been able to do it.  I need to sit down every night and stretch and work on aligning my hips while doing it which I learned during our mini silks session.  Turns out (with resistance) I am not that far away from being in a full split!

Flying trapeze is going excellent.  It’s the end of the season and I am so focused on our static routines that I am not putting much effort into flying.  By time I get to flying I am pretty wiped out and lately our static classes have been running well over an hour.  Last weekend I threw for the first time ever a layout.  I ripped up my palm in the process but it was so worth it.  It was a surprise to everyone that I did this trick and it was a surprise to me that I actually made a full rotation.  I also realized just how hard it is to stay straight during that rotation.  It as though my body wanted to do a backward tuck.

We had an amazing photographer at the rig two weekends ago that took some great photos and captured excellent footage of us flying.  Who is he?  Ben Rubin of Moon Doggie Studios.  Make sure to check out his face book page at for more extreme sport photography.

Just hanging around upside down.
I share this for the sheer delight of my excellent face making.
I will not post my flying concentration face pictures.

Typical me.  I fall and laugh.

Avoiding kicking the catcher although it looks like I am about to and he knows it, lol.
I love this picture

The position
About to be caught

The catch

Thrown back to the bar
Bar officially caught
Down to the net.  Apparently I took this time to play with my hair?

Video by Moon Doggie Studios of Gazelle Trick Practice

Video by Moon Doggie Studios from the board of Swing Practice.
I love this one.  I can actually see myself adjusting the swing with each swing.

This final video was taken last weekend by my girlfriend.  This is the layout I was talking about earlier

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