Saturday, September 8, 2012

Combating Negativity

So another major convention has come and gone.

As with all conventions it’s easy to get wrapped up in negative behavior.  I have been seeing a slew of negative comments about cosplayers, booth babes, and the like that could very well be a personal vendetta for each of those involved.  To me cosplay is (and can be) a positive environment or a very harsh society, but why?  Why tear each other apart publicly?

When I first started attending conventions I thought cosplay was a fun piece of the show but not something I would ever do.  Then I tried it out in a “store bought” costume, something I hear torn apart often even by people I am close with (and sometimes I want to say “um, hello?”).  I didn’t know any cosplayers at the time, I had a few friends in the business who got a kick out of it, but what made me love it was the reaction from the kids.  I know many of my friends say their favorite part of cosplay is the friends and that is a favorite of mine, but above it for me are the kids.

I am not wrapped up in being too perfect.  I am okay with being a little flawed.  I am not in a competition with anyone but myself maybe because my reasons for doing this are a bit different.  I think we all have different reasons for doing what we do, but mine don’t involve competing on any level.

Anyway, there was an article I posted on the fan page a few months ago about booth babes and why they should be banned.  At the time I agreed with it, but now I don’t.  Looking back on people I have met and experiences I have had with paid/volunteer models booth babing, I don’t think booth babes are the problem.  Who are we to judge a model on whether or not they enjoy geek culture.  I volunteered to booth babe last year and even though clearly I am a dork in my own right I would have been held to the same judgment.  FYI: I did not wind up doing it.  It’s no ones place to judge whether a model should  be there or not.  What I do have an issue with is when the booth babe is irrelevant, unneeded, or severely underdressed (right there is the big problem).  More often then not when I see models underdressed their actual apparel is irrelevant to the company they are modeling for which I blame the company for not them.  Not only that but these underdressed models are going to be treated very poorly by con goers and ALL female cosplayers should understand this.  Give them a break.

The other comments I have been hearing are about those of us that have had plastic surgery.  I don’t ever recommend plastic surgery.  However, I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to harshly judge another because they have had work done.  Yes, I think some cosplayers go too far and have ridiculous proportions, but that is their choice and they are allowed that decision and some of them look pretty good.

I think when we make harsh judgments on other people it only shows how we feel about ourselves.  Negative statements are a reflection of ones inner self.  It’s one thing to talk amongst friends.  It’s another to make it public and place it on the internet (I learned this the hard way a long time ago).  We are all going to talk about each other.  It happens.  Some will be jealous, some will be constructive, but slamming people online or in print is wrong especially within a community of people.  For those of us feeling the negativity just be the best you can be.  They can only get to you if you let them.  I feel like life is just one huge mind game.

As you might know I have been completely obsessed with the TV show Make It or Break It (which I just finished watching this week).  So many wonderful life lessons and smart quotes, but this one really struck me.

“All great competitors have one thing in common: a short term memory.  They aren’t haunted by their losses or their mistakes because they don’t remember them” ~ Sasha Belov, Make It or Break It 

I heard this and immediately pulled it out of competition sport.  It’s applicable in every part of life and it’s applicable for what I am writing right now regardless of whether your competitive or not.  I never would have thought that the concept of short term memory could have such a positive impact.  So like I said be the best you can be (and try to have a short term memory when it comes to negativity).

I do wish this blog post was a big longer.  I have been very wrapped up in costuming and trapeze so it's been tough for me to sit still long enough to write or think beyond costumes and trapeze.