Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cosplay: Danger Girl's Abbey Chase

So Abbey's costume is finished.

© J Scott Campbell
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I am a bit annoyed with myself for waiting to do this cosplay.  Even though the costume itself is fairly simple, it's always ambitious to portray a character I really love.  However, I think had I done this early the timing would not have been right so I will chalk this up to appropriate timing.

Danger Girl was initially released in 1998.  It's a graphic novel I randomly found in my comic shop Fourth World a few years ago.  I actually remember picking it up a few times questioning if it was for me before I purchased it.  When I did finally pick it up I could not put it down.  Oh, and when I met J Scott Campbell for the first time at NYCC in 2009 I was a speechless fan girl.  My shyness gets the best of me more then I would like it to.  I was much more vocal the second time I met him.

The things I really enjoy about Abbey is her stubbornness and her lack of seduction.  She is a bit headstrong and independent, yet a team player.  A femme fatale that has a strong masculine edge (or I think so anyway).  She is all business and looks good at the same time.  I can relate to her in a lot of ways.

© 2012 AllyCat Alisha
It took me a week to paint the pants after a friend of mine helped me tape off the painting area.  Originally I had black stretch jeans/jeggings that I was adding fabric to.  However, when I did the lines myself I had to lay the pants down and cross my fingers.  This did not work and while the line in the front was straight the one in the back was not, not at all.  The only way to get the straight line is to wear the pants and have someone else line it out.  So I wound up switching to a dark blue denim skinny jean (no jeggings) and paint instead of fabric.  I like that they are the dark blue because depending on the artist rendering her pants are black or blue with green.  The dark blue gives a cross effect I think.  I suggest Duct tape (the real stuff) and not blue painters tape.  The Duct tape was perfect.  It stayed on tightly enough to not allow the paint to sink underneath it.  It also did not leave any film when I pulled it off.

The top is an altered mock neck.  I fumbled a little with this as well since I forgot to use the stabilizer when I sewed the bottom of the top.  This resulted in the material stretching out with the stitching and having a ripple effect.  To fix this I turned the seam up a touch and used the stabilizer (wash away).  When I tried hand washing the stabilizer seemed to harden and not help the rippling.  However, once I threw it in the wash and put it through a drier the stabilizer washed out and the ripples went with it.

© 2012 AllyCat Alisha
The wig took a lot of research.  We started talking about this cosplay awhile back.  I have been researching wigs for awhile.  I thought I found the right wig.  Originally I found one that was a Rhianna wig, but then changed my mind.  The first wig I purchased was a typical costume wig and it was awful.  The color was fine, but the quality was really bad.  The cut and style was nothing like the photo.  The bob is supposed to curl in and it was curling out in the front.  I adore my Forever Young wigs.  Initially in my search I did not see a fitting wig made by them.  All the bobs I found had bangs and Forever Young was no different.  They did have one wig that was the perfect cut but the colors it came in catered to a woman of color (or that's my best guess as to why the selection was so limited).  When I took a second look at this wig I found a color that is a blend of light blonde and light brown.  SO PERFECT!  My new wig site does not carry this style and I was not about to take my chances with my previous wig site after the fiasco I had with incorrect colors and stock issues.  I found one seller on eBay that had the exact wig I was looking for and after paying for it, it arrived a week earlier then expected.

The nerf gun was a fun project.  I guttered it because the front has areas where you can see inside the gun and I didn't want any orange poking through either from the inside barrel or the inside of the opposite side of the gun.  I couldn't figure out how to put it back together.  So it's no longer operational, but it was fun.  I sanded down all the logos and then spray painted.  I am awful at spray painting.  I know.  10 inches away and spray slow and light.  I know I know I know.  I must be getting a little better because I did not gunk the gun up like I did Elektra original sai's.  I was also informed about spray shelac and polyurethane.  The thought of not ruining brushes anymore makes me quite happy.  Thankfully, I never used a good brush with the polyurethane.

© 2012 AllyCat Alisha
The pistol holder is a hip pistol holder that I modified for the thigh.  Dick's Sporting Goods had a thigh holster but it was grey (yes I know all about paint) and much larger then needed.  I chose to modify the hip because it was a more appropriate size for my small air soft gun (won it for a penny on eBay).  I modified the holster in a way that it can easily be returned to a hip holster is need be.  I picked up industrial strength Velcro, two 1" black parachute buckles and one yard of webbing (I should have gotten a yard and a half).  The strap that attaches to my belt has Velco where it meets the holster against my thigh this way I can remove it.  The strap around my leg is simply held on with the Velcro the hip holster already had for the belt.  Easy peasy.

The belt is a basic web belt.  Originally I was planning on painting the buckle on the web belt, but I decided I needed a larger buckle.  After looking for a large plain oval belt buckle and coming up with nothing a friend suggested I try making one.  I don't like working with clay so I am not willing to try that out just yet.  I wound up buying oval craft wood and painting it.  It attaches to my web belt with (you guessed it) Velcro!  I also shorted the length of the belt and added some Velcro to the end so that it does not flop around.

And that is Abbey.  She sounds a bit more involved then she actually is but this was a really fun cosplay to put together.  I can't wait to show it off in person.

Pew! Pew!
2012 AllyCat Alisha

© 2012 AllyCat Alisha

© 2012 AllyCat Alisha
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  1. Wow... what a Perfect realization of Abbey with nice touches of your individual style!

    I always thought she was one of the hardest to realize given the simple nature of her design & full utilization of body figure, but you managed to get it well in both costume & your own physique working wholesome magic. And I LOVE how the neck section of the top has a ripple effect in fold, it makes it something unique while adding accent to what is already a perfect wearing of a fitted tee-shirt top. And the gun prop is also cool with a Futuristic flair.

    Sorry for sounding very fanboyish but cosplays like these are hard to come across and yours is the best Abbey, period. Thank You Very Much for sharing them!

  2. Thank you so much! I would like to redo this actually and much as I love it.


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