Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cosplay Updates

So it seems I work like this... disappear for a bit and then WHAM tons of posts and updates....

This week has been proof of that.  Things are starting to come together.

I played the part of a photo spammer on facebook earlier.  I must not be as bad as I think I am because I don't get blocked or flagged by facebook as other people do.

I have been working on upgrading Elektra for Superhero Weekend in a few weeks.  She has brand new leg bands and arm bands.  I already have a new wig for her.  At the moment I am working on new shoes, which will look similar to the old shoes but much easier to wear and hopefully easier on the feet.  So far I have one done and the second will take me a day to finish (I have just been putting it off).

Abbey Chase is coming along nicely and I feel silly for putting her as a maybe for so long.  The actual cosplay is pretty simple to put together.  Hopefully this weekend I can get started on the new pants which really involves getting the lines straight.  The new wig was shipped out today.  I can't wait!

I also just did some test shots for Mary Jane.  Another quick cosplay pretty much from my closet.  More info to come.  In the meantime enjoy....

The wig is getting a trim at some point.
I like when things start to fall together.  Before you go thinking "whoa whoa whoa, MJ has long hair!"  This wig falls much longer then the picture shows.  I would actually like to cut it to pretty much what is showing.