Thursday, September 27, 2012

Surprise for me!

Surprise?!?!  It must be my birthday or something!  It's totally not my birthday.  Yet surprise to me anyway!

I am the most nervous surprised person on the planet.  For some reason when prompted that something is coming and I have to wait I always think its going to be bad news even though this is rarely the case.  I think I am just wired to always think the rug will be pulled out from under me when I am blindsided so I wind up trying to never be blind to it.

Anyway, I received a super sweet surprise from my friend David a few days ago.  The kicker is I was sick and laying in bed at the time when the email came through and I squealed with delight like a happy toddler.

By now I would hope you've seen my Abbey images.  Before I posted on this blog and on the fan page, literally while I was editing the pictures, I posted a preview on my personal account so my Sydney could see it.  The pic I posted is my favorite of the test shots I took and I sort of saved it by not putting in on the fan page until last night (except for in the new cover image).  That picture is the one he used.


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