Friday, September 14, 2012

Thoughts on NYC Sugary Drink Ban

So the sugary drink ban was approved by the NYC Board of Health yesterday.  I am very unhappy about this, but not exactly for the reasons you might think.

By AllyCat Alisha

From what I understand, the ban affects all sugary drinks above 16oz except diet soda, fruit juice, milk, and alcohol.  It also does not affect sales in grocery stores, deli's and a few other select venues.

I refuse to drink diet soda.  Aspartame has a history of giving me headaches or making me feel completely absent minded.  For a good month I thought I must have been regressing to a geriatric state with my lack of focus and brain power until someone asked if I had changed anything in my diet.  I had started drinking peach tea.  Not just any peach tea but the tasty Crystal Light packets in my water bottle.  The idea was to help wean me off of soda, because I have never been a huge fan of plain water and I wanted to lower my caffeine consumption.  Once I stopped drinking the Crystal Light I felt normal again.  I also suffer from migraines which is not the typical headache.  Aspartame can aid in triggering migraines, plus loads more potential health issues down the road.  So I avoid not just aspartame, but all fake sugars.  To me diet soda is for diabetics.  It's meant for those that cannot physically drink the heavy dose of regular sugar a typical soda provides.  Diet soda serves a purpose, but it is not healthier.  Not at all.  We all know this.  We talk about it in the food industry all the time.  Regardless this beverage is not included in the ban which blows my mind.

Fruit juice, oh how healthy and wonderful it is.  Not in drinks larger then 12 ounces.  Same goes for milk.  Sure they have their extra nutritional values that make them okay, but who buys more then an 8oz carton of milk when not in the grocery store?  Plus again, it's not healthy in mass quantity.

To make matters better, alcohol is not included?  So I can't buy a 20oz soda, but I can get a 20oz beer?  So even though there is such a thing as a beer belly and it's clear alcohol doesn't help anyone keep weight off, somehow it's not causing obesity?

So obesity... I don't think sugary drinks are the problem.  What is next a donut ban?

What really got me wound up about this was reading how this is just like the smoking ban and people will adjust.  Yes of course we will adjust to it, because we have to.  However, this is nothing like the smoking ban.  Absolutely nothing like it.  The smoking ban doesn't say you can't smoke Camels, but you can smoke Newports.

I would feel a lot better about this sugary drink ban if it was across the board ban on beverages above 16oz except water.  Across the board, not all these silly loopholes.  Plus can't people just purchase two?  Which is the end is better for the retailer anyway.

Food laws ruffling my feathers!  Go run to the store now and get your 20oz bottle of Coke-A-Cola, because it's going to be obsolete soon.  This passed in NYC and you better bet it's going to be rolling out to other areas soon.  I love my soda and carbonated beverages.  They are not easy for me to let go.

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