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2012 NYCC: The Fun!

This is the first NYCC that I truly enjoyed every moment I was there. Even with my ridiculous stress beforehand everything worked out to be better then I could have imagined. Even with all my cosplay changes it was still better then I expected. This is rare. Expectations tend to lead to disappointment so I generally set the bar really low and I am talking in general not just cons.

So I attended the NYCC for all four days. For those that can be in the city, the four day pass is more then worth it. Thursday is such a wonderfully relaxing day at the show. You get the opportunity to see almost everything well before the crowded days. I ransacked the toy vendors and wound up with a Danger Girl Natalia, Darkchyldes Ariel, and a Kitty Pryde. All of them on their cards. Unfortunately Kitty's card was bent in my suitcase on my travels home, but I am trying to not think about it too much. While I searched the toy racks my con buddy was searching trade bins. It worked out pretty well.

Thursday I took part in one of Adam Jay's cosplay shoots. His first shoot of the convention. I know this because they were still getting the area set up when I arrived. I am pretty shy so I very happy I was up on stage Thursday with a small crowd as opposed to the busier days. I chose to cosplay Abbey Chase for the shoot and then I changed into Mary Jane for the reminder of the day. Unfortunately I did not get any MJ pictures. There is always another show though. I have a blog written about the Adam Jay shoot and that will pop up when I get the photos. So we will leave that as an up coming blog post.

I noticed that Thursday was a lot fuller by means of both exhibitors and artists. I was surprised to see a full artist alley. Last year Thursday was lost on artist alley. I also bumped into the studio producing the Darkchylde movie. Turns out the movie is happening. It was taken over by Storm King Productions and they just finished the CGI for the monsters! Eeeee!!!!! I can't wait!

With the lovely
Cosplay Girl Victoria
Friday, was busier then normal and I missed a lot of the show Friday. During the morning I wandered the show room floor solo as Abbey Chase. This was the first time I have been on a showroom floor alone in three years. I don't plan on making a habit of it. I had a lot of fun walking around and meeting Danger Girl fans. One fan mistook me for Gen 13. Close! Right artist, wrong series! But still close enough for me! It was a lot of fun being a character that I enjoy in my core. I walked past J Scott Campbell's exhibitor booth (yeah not in artist's alley anymore) twice and the second time they flagged me down. The first time I was in the area he had line of fans waiting for him and I do not like when guests forget their fans even for a few moments. So I walked by. The second time I told them I would be back with Sydney.

I left mid day Friday to pick up my friends at the bus stop and bring them to the hotel (and the show) but their bus was stuck in the worst traffic ever! So I gladly gave my feet a break and skipped a good portion of Friday until they were able to return with me. I mean who is Abbey without Sydney???? We got back to the show about 6pm. Booked it to Campbell's booth and took some fun photos with him. Campbell is always great to chat with and he is a good sport as he let us attack him for a photo.

Friday I picked up the only two things I had planned on picking up the beautiful Ant Lucia Spider-Man and MJ print and a Billy Tucci print. Tucci is a fellow Long Islander, a fellow FIT grad and he is one of the first artists I met at conventions. Alas, even though I have a few comic covers of his, I did not have ANY prints. I have everyone else. All my other favorite artists, but no Tucci's. This needed to end, so I picked one up finally. Of course I went with his Wonderland take on the famous Coppertone logo.

Saturday, I cosplayed as Elektra with Iron Fist. What's wonderful is that I have been very self-conscious about wearing my Elektra costume since seeing photos from last year. But with all my copslay changes Elektra seemed to work the best and I regardless of how I felt about the photos after the fact last year, during the show I received a very good response to the costume. So I went with it. I am very happy I did. It's clear just how much I have changed due to circus arts. Wearing Elektra this year was a huge confidence boost for me. Plus I made a lot of small changes to the costume that made it work much better. This may possibly be another future blog.

Sweet Elektra print by Tyndall!

We spent Saturday walking around, greeting friends, and posing for photos. I met quite a few fans from the page. I wound up in a mini photo shoot, met another Elektra, and even got on the Just Dance stage. Trust me, my dancing was hilariously awful. I never play those dance games. It was fun making an ass out of myself anyway. I laughed the whole time we were up there.

For dinner Saturday, I had Five Guys for the very first time! I think I have been completely ruined. It was so good.

This brings us to Sunday. Sunday, I dressed as My Little Pony's Fluttershy (I have also written a blog post just about Fluttershy cosplay). I chose Fluttershy because of kids day but also because of a group cosplay that wound up being just me. Regardless I had a great time as a pony. I spent the day with my two favorite con friends Victoria (as Snow White) and Brian Green. The great thing about going to cons with friends is they always want to do things I wouldn't normally do. This was the case with the Just Dance stage on Saturday, but on Sunday we waited on line to hit up some Tomb Raider archery! Fluttershy with a bow and arrow! Archery at NYCC was great and unique. I have shot a bow and arrow a few times. Not that I am amazing at it and usually I am using and awful bow and destroyed arrows, but the staff working at the booth were all business in the sense that they were pretty pushy. I got three tries to hit the bulls eye and I got so close on the third one (only when the lady stopped being pushy).
So CLOSE!  The people at the Paper Mario area really wanted me to have stickers so they gave me a sheet. 
No idea what I am going to do with these now.  Oh well.
Archery photos can be seen in the slideshow below.

Fluttershy resting
Sunday I got to meet up with Adam Wiebner, Vash from League of Hot Geeks (also saw him Saturday), plus I got to meet Candy and Brema from 3 Muses Clothing! I really had a great time meeting people at the show. I also noticed that con goers were very polite with the exception of one excited con goer that pulled me and my friend much to close to him in a photo and grabbed me inappropriately. Other then that one occurrence everyone was very sweet. I do get a bit creeped out by con goers taking photos without my knowledge. I saw it happen a few times. I am not so concerned about the photo being taken but my posture. A lot of people asked if we get tired of taking photos and I look at it as I am cosplaying and photographs go with the territory so no I do not mind. However, sometimes we do like to take breaks. You know human needs like resting our feet, eating, hydrating, making a phone call, etc.

Jamie's newest Art Book.
I also had an amazing conversation with Jamie Tyndall. I learned of Jamies work at WW Philly 2012 and immediately picked up his art book and X23 print. This time I picked up his second art book and an Elektra print (who is a character missing from my walls). Jamie and I chatted on Saturday mostly about cosplay, but on Sunday I got a whole history lesson. He was talking about his gorgeous wife and I told him I liked her name "Marilyn" (of course I do). He then said her last name which is beautiful, hard to say and french. Turns out she is French Canadian and so am I. He asked me what part of Canada, and I really do not know. This kind of information seems to be lost in my family. I did tell him they were from Maine and he told me all about how French Canadians migrated from Nova Scotia to Maine and why. I can't even explain how at a loss for words I was. I have been trying to figure out where my family is from and here I am at a CONVENTION talking to an artist I have met only once before and just wow. It just goes to show you never know where or how things will happen. Turns out he was a political science major in Canada. I am still a bit in shock. I did mention he needs to do a Danger Girl print.

Artist's alley is always my favorite part of the show. I got to see quite a few friends and favorite artists. Billy Tucci, Eric Basulda, Micheal Dolce, James Mascia, Eric Cooper, among others. It's always great to see familiar faces. On an even brighter note when I stopped by Zenescope to visit Raven Gregory I noticed the lady that was very nasty to me last year was not there this year. I missed both Jessica Nigri and Megan Marie. However, I did not know Megan was going to be at NYCC.

As for exhibitors, I noticed DC had a much larger presence then Marvel in space and signage. I don't spend time by DC, but in the past their booth consisted of signings. I am not sure if that was the case this year, but as I do not read DC and I no longer bring books to be signed I have no need to visit DC. But I was looking for Marvel. I had to look at the map to find them. They did not have the typical signs above the booth nor did Aspen comics. I had a few people ask me about the big exhibitors in regards to gaming, movie screenings (aka: trailers), and celebrity guests. I am not a gamer. I am just not. I am still working on playing Alice. I picked up the Tomb Raider trilogy but haven't started it yet. I enjoy games but I am not a gamer, so when video game demos are going on I tend to pass them by unless someone asks me to play with them. Had my friends not been with me I doubt I would have stopped for Tomb Raider archery. I do not attend the screenings. I did in 2008 briefly, but to attend the screenings you have to get to the theater at the beginning of the day and stay all day long, because the theater fills up and they stop admitting people. So you stay all day long or miss it. I chose to be at the show. I also so not seek out celebrity guests. In an exceptional case I will seek out a guest I truly enjoy and so far that has only been Kristy Swanson and Yancy Butler. I was looking forward to possibly saying hi to Adrianne Curry, but she is a huge con geek and I know I will have the chance in the future.

So in the end, I had an exceptionally wonderful time at the show this year and I chalk it up to knowing more people. It seemed every time I turned around there was a familiar friendly face and some of them I didn't even get to say hello to.  I also got to meet a lot of new friends.  Cosplaying is so much more fun with friends.

So there it is. Whew. What a long blog.

Oh hey, here are some photos!

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