Sunday, October 7, 2012


So day two of destressing and I feel pretty much normal again!

I thought my brain was going to pop.  Still have the headaches, but I got through today with no medication.  I have also not drank a caffeinated in 7 days now.  Bonus!  However, I realized yesterday that my migraine stuff has caffeine in it.  Fail.  Oh well.

So far this weekend I have watched Thor, Iron Man 2, Captain America, The first half of S1 of American Dad, and both seasons of MLP.  I have been working on Fluttershy so I have the perfect excuse for rewatching MLP on a marathon run.  But yes I have been stitching away with good movies and TV Shows.

This was my first time seeing Iron Man 2.  I really did not like the first Iron Man movie.  So I obviously did not jump to see the sequel.  Plus one of my overzealous hardcore DC fans (note the description) talked so much trash about it being awful that I was not interested and the bar was set very low.  The same person insists The Avengers was awful.  We still chat but I make sure to remind him how bias he is when needed.  I liked Iron Man 2 a lot more then the first one.  Black Widow seemed a bit of a wasted character to me.

So far I have two butterflies all stitched up with white felt fused to the back.  I am about half way through the third butterfly stitching.  I think because of timing these babies will be (*gasp*) hot glued onto the skirt and possibly outlined with Puff Paint. 

We had our first class/practice in Brooklyn for the winter season.  I really just said winter.  Scary.  This girl does not like winter, particularly driving in snow.  If I got to stay at home I wouldn't mind, but I don't.  Ho hum.

I had an off practice.  This time I came more prepared then usual since I actually had my correct routine write up printed out, but not once did I get through the routine correctly.  All of the three times I did the routine I could NOT GET ONE SPIN correctly.  I am not sure what happened and I am hoping it was a fluke.  The first practice run I completely missed a piece of the routine.  The second run through I almost made it around the spin but somehow wound up the wrong direction and twisting the trapeze behind me.  The third time I almost lost my skirt and I am not kidding, my skirt got caught.  I sort of wish I had that on video.  I bet it would be hilarious.  I forgot a big part that messed up my timing the third time around as well.

But in the end, regardless of having an off practice it was great spending time with friends.  It's nice being back in this location as well.  Weather can't keep us from practicing!  Bahahahahaha.  I also like being around different apparatuses.  As we were practicing a fly class was going on and the truss behind us had a silks act rehearsing and a double static act as well.

Plus I did a pullover from the bar with only a touch of a cheat.  I know what I am doing wrong and I know I can fix it.  We also worked on spinning briefly.  Since working on the routines we haven't worked on any other tricks.  We are all itching to break out and work on both old and new tricks.  Two weeks until shows time and we found out we are all going to be in the same show!  I can't wait!  It's all three of us, plus another one of our good friends are all in the same show!  The four of us have something special getting worked out for the February show.

At this point I am not sure if it's the convention plan break, my cross stitching, trapeze, or a combo that's put me in a less stressed state but I am thankful regardless.  Now it's time for bed!  I am tuckered out!

I will also note that while watching Captain America at one point when Red Skull turns and talks I can't help but think of how much he looks like Jim Carrey in The Mask.  I don't know.  I almost expected something whacky to happen.  I giggled regardless.

Oh and in rewatching MLP, I noticed a lot of awesome geek references.  The only one popping into my head right now is "your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash."  There are quite a few more though.  Who knows, maybe I will run through some tomorrow as I finish the butterflies and BAKE!

Okay, good night!