Friday, October 5, 2012

Pre-Convention Relaxation

So NYCC has had my head in a whirl literally.  So what's a girl to do?

Today, was a pretty good day.  I still had my migraine this morning, but for the most part I was able to not involve myself with anything con related.  The only thing was discussing what to do about Fluttershy's cutie mark.

I made her cutie mark back this past spring.  But I am not 100% happy with them.  They are butterflies but not Fluttershy's upside down wing butterflies.  I thought I could paint right onto the skirt, but what if I mess it up?  I am not about to whip out another skirt in a few days.  What if the paint is not dense enough?  I have had that happen often.  Why on earth is it that every metallic acrylic I buy is translucent?  All of them.  Ugh.  Anyway, I thought about doing an iron on.  I do have a wonderful image that is large enough to print out perfectly, but to be honest I am not sure which interfacing I used in the skirt.  One of the interfacing's I have melts and I am willing to bet that's the one I used.  However, I think it melts to the lining not the jersey knit.  Regardless, it's not a risk I am willing to take at the moment.  My other option was to paint over the butterflies I made making the wings darker so they stand out more.  Thing is, the wings are Fluttershy's wing color.  I used a darker thread to give the look of an outline, but it made the pink look sort of white.  So while in the craft store today looking at paint the one that would suit it wouldn't have made much difference and they did not have the right color for the butterfly body of course.

I then had a stroke of genius!  Cross stitching!  I haven't cross stitched in a few years and before that I was a kid.  Cost me not even $5.00 for the canvas and 5 spools of embroidery.  If all goes well I will write up a little tutorial.  I am not sure how widely known (or used) cross stitching is.  I have watched the section shrink to practically nothing in the craft store, but it does still have an aisle.  There was a great cross stitching book there I plan on picking up in the future.  It explained all of the different stitches.  I only know a few, but enough to get by.

So here I am relaxing with a cup of bedtime tea cross stitching and watching movies.  I watched Thor earlier and finally started watching Iron Man 2.  I never like the first one so I never bothered watching the second, but this one seems a bit more promising or it because a friend of mine set the bar really low.  Pretty sure that's why I enjoyed Elektra.

I am vowing to continue this weekend without dealing with NYCC stressors, even if I have to hook myself up to a kava IV.  It will happen.  I figure with the holiday weekend I can get one butterfly done a day.  I also have to pack.  Packing should not be too bad because most of my cosplays are already out and sort of in suitcases.  After finishing Abbey, why would I put it all away?  I put it in a suitcase.  Fluttershy is mostly in a tote that I will be carrying.  I like that my cosplays pack small.  They still make a huge mess though.  Oh well.

Any destressing tips out there?  I am not taking a bubble bath.  Not that I don't take bubble baths (because I do), I just don't want one.