Monday, October 1, 2012


Last week, I got in touch with one of my oldest friends and she is certainty a favorite of mine whether she believes it or not.

Her name is Sarah Quinn and she's a wonderful artist, very creative, a cosplayer and has been working on a few comics for the last year or so.  I attend i-Con here on Long Island just to see her work in the art show.

We met in Kindergarten.  We survived Brownies together.  I have photographic proof that I will not share.  I know very few people from my youth because I moved around a lot (and still do).  We have been in touch on and off over the years. 

Some times you find people and no matter how much you change, stray, or grow apart you still mange to find one another.  One of the times we got separated, we sort of bumped into each other randomly on MySpace.  I believe she sent me an invite to local art event or class and neither of us had our real names on the profiles, nor did we have pictures of our faces, yet we figured it out anyway.

Anyway, I reached out to her because last I heard she had been working on a comic to be released at this years New York Comic Convention.  Turns out she had to push her deadlines back and will not be releasing the book at the NYCC this year, but fear not!

She has not one, but two available online!  Please take some time to check out her self published work. 

Sequinn: a comic based on pieces of her life.

Jesus in Japan: this sounds self explanatory to me.

I highly suggest checking out and watching her DeviantArt profile.

This piece is still my favorite of her pieces and yes it is an edited version.  It's probably from about ten years ago.

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