Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Stress of NYCC

Wow this NYCC show has been one huge source of stress for me, especially in the last few weeks and it's got nothing to do with sewing/crafting crunch time.

What's worse is that its actually triggering my migraines.  I still have my EBV.  It's been over a year now and even though promised after a year my doc still won't evaluate me for CFS.  Bah!  On top of it I have had really bad migraines for the last three to four months.  Yesterday I was under a lot of stress coordinating details plus dealing with plumbing issues at home.  Plus I am working on my routine for the show at the end of the month and I have been freaking out a little about costuming for that.  However, I am pretty sure late last night I figured the costuming out.

On top of everything thing right now is sort of the kick off month for the very busy holiday season at work.  Whoopie.  More stress.  Yay!

To battle this, I am quite literally going to ignore and let go of anything involving NYCC that doesn't really matter.  Because it doesn't.  That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

I know the stress of NYCC is setting my migraines off because this morning I woke up fine and then got a reminder of the previous days mega stress and BAM migraine is back.  Thankfully I was given medication for this.  Medication I don't want to take.

NYCC is my vacation this year from work and I just want it to be over with.  It's sad that the one thing I really look forward to every year I can't wait to not have to deal with.  I just know that after the show it will be easy street.  Focus on aerials and that's it.

This evening I am going to relax with a cup of Kava tea and start working on the Fluttershy mod.   This has the potential to back fire but if worst comes to worst I will just buy a freaking leotard in the city.  They may not have yellow, but I bet they have ballet pink.  ;o)