Monday, October 15, 2012

Tutorial: My Little Pony Cross Stitch Cutie Mark

So for NYCC 2012 I spent Sunday as Fluttershy from My Little Pony.  I had planned on finishing this costume for WW Philly 2012, but my many interests make creation take much longer.

I started this costume by making her cutie marks, but when I finished the costume I wasn't happy with the original felt cutie marks.  So just a few days before NYCC I brainstormed on how to get a more accurate cutie mark.  I thought about painting.  I thought about an iron on.  I thought about painting the felt ones so that the pink was darker, but her mark is a light pink.  Then it hit me.  Cross stitching!

I haven't cross stitched in years.  This tutorial is not about how to cross stitch.  More about how to create your own pattern.

Fluttershy's patches took me a total of three days to complete.  This is because her cutie mark is three separate butterflies and the size I picked was rather large, but appropriate for what I used them for.  I also took my time and made a butterfly a day.

Cutie Mark Print Out
Waste Canvas
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Needles
Markers (I used Bic Mark It)
Peel n Stick Fusing (pictured below)
Fabric Glue

If sticky back felt is available eliminate the fusing.

I started my project by printing out my pattern in the size I was looking for.  I went for the full 8x10.

I then laid the waste canvas over the print and drew it out with the appropriately colored markers.  

I conserved space by moving the canvas around so that the three butterflies were lined up rather then in their typical formation.

I then started cross stitching in-between the lines.  Truth be told the body and antennae were the trickiest.

This is just as precaution.  Do not peel the canvas or cut it before fusing it to the felt. It will make fusing the felt troublesome.

The fusing!

Once finished I cut white felt to the size of each butterfly.  Then I cut the peel n stick fusing to fit the felt.

I adhered the fusing to the felt first.

Then pulled the back of the fusing off so that once side of the felt is sticky.  Be careful as the fusing can peel off the felt and it is very sticky and easy to mess up.

Then lay the butterfly on the now sticky felt.

Cut out the butterfly.

Then use the fabric glue to adhere the cutie marks to whatever you wish.

I may make more of these when I have the time.  I think I have thread for Rainbow Dash already.

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