Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cosplay: Padme Amidala Test

While I am at home listening to Winter Storm Athena blowing around outside I thought since I will not be attending Retro Con this week that I would at least try my original costume on and test it out.

So when I was planning on attending Retro Con we were doing a small Star Wars group.  My girl friend was Slave Leia and there is no chance of anyone getting me into those side buns.  Just like Carrie Fisher I have a roundish face (diamond actually) and those buns will turn me into a football.  So I picked Padme Amidala in her torn up white battle gear.  I am sure there is another term for it, but as much as I enjoy Star Wars I am definitely not up on the lingo.  I can't tell the difference between any of the Jedi.  They all look the same to me, except Yoda.

Anyway, this costume is a bagged Secret Wishes costume (and probably doesn't fall under retro, but I don't care).  It's a pretty good retail costume.  I bought it second hand, as it is no longer current and I have to wonder with the less is more attitude to Halloween costumes these days what might they have done to Padme if she was a current costume?  I am so-so on the "sexy" Halloween costumes.  This is only because many of them I find silly or inappropriate, but a lot of them are really cute.  I like the bar maids the best.  Padme appears to be pretty accurate to the movie.  That makes me happy.

I have a few fit issues with the costume.  Personally, I think it must run a tad large, because I bought a small and it's big on me.  It's a little big in the pants.  The belt barely stays on.  I have it scraped as far in as I can and it's still falling off.  The arm band is WAY too big.  It falls off.  I don't even need to wiggle my arm.  It just falls right off.  The boot covers are not the best.  However, I don't have sexy heels like the Secret Wishes model does.  I used my white snow boots since Padme wears flat boots, not heels.  See I did some homework.  My boots pushed the boot covers out pretty oddly.  If I was wearing it this weekend its not something I would fret over, but it's not attractive either.

So the arm band needs to be remade or tightened.  I also need to attempt to make a belt which might not be too difficult since I have this one to work from.  We will see.  In the meantime, here are some test pictures!  For the first time ever, I changed my eyebrow shape.  I didn't do it very well, but it was interesting.

Arm band should be way higher.

New eyebrows!

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