Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween SLAM Show

Last month, two of my classmates (and most of all friends) performed Static Trapeze in front of an audience for the first time ever!  I meant to type up a blog but when Hurricane Sandy hit a lot of plans were derailed and put on hold.  A photographer was on site as well so I waited until the pictures were available.  I got them today!

I am shy.  I am not usually a performer.  I refuse to do cosplay contests because I don’t cosplay for awards and I don’t like being on a stage.  I am shy.  Not my kind of attention.  Performing aerials was never a goal of mine either but all three of us decided to do it.  Power and courage in numbers I guess.

We had been working on our routines since as early as June!  My routine changed a lot in the four months we worked on it but the core of it remained the same.  I do wish I had kept all of the written routine versions.  I would probably have a stack full of them (with ideas for the future).   I didn’t keep them, oh well.  I do have a long list of tricks and transitions that I know.  I also know for the future to keep all "versions," just in case.

My friend Melanie and I performed twice and Wendy joined us for the second show.  I definitely performed better in the first show.  While my friend was a ball of nerves I tried to not think about what was about to happen.  I would rather not over think.  I spent a ridiculous amount of time stretching back stage and realized I rock at bridges.  I absolutely love doing bridges now.  It’s an amazing back stretch.  I have come to learn recently that contrary to my beliefs I have a fairly flexible back.  This is why doing a cobra or boat stretch doesn’t do much for me.  Since the show I do a bridge before every class.

Speaking of back flexibility, my friend mentioned it to me weeks earlier and I never really noticed how much more flexibility I have now.  I had pulled my lower back over extending on a trick called the birdie on flying trapeze.  My fault, I thought I knew what I was doing but my hands were in the wrong spot.  Anyway, when I first started static trapeze in 2010 I remember a girl in the class who was able to bend into it and look out camera.  When I tried I could look at the mat but not out at the camera.  I didn’t have the flexibility.  Now I do.

2010... it's the wrong side but the only picture I have of this trick.
It's also a bit different then 2012 since I am on the bar.
2012... so basically... my hands and feet are closer together in this picture.

I spent a lot of time working on split stretches back stage as well.  I am very close to a full split.  Being backstage was a much different experience then I had witnessed before.  People changing, people stretching, people getting make up done, one guy is juggling, a woman is mid contortion, some are sewing, and one girl was sitting in the corner with her iPod on visualizing her routine.

Before show # 1
Our first show we also got to hang out with young performer we know from both aerials and flying.  I never really got the chance to talk to this girl before but she is one cool kid.  She’s only 12.  She was delighted to know other people in the show.  I can’t imagine being that young and by myself backstage with a bunch of adults.  The first act was a very young pop action group but other then that she was the youngest performer.

After my first performance I did a very quick wave to the crowd and dashed back stage.  I was shaking so hard I flopped over onto the small crash mat.  It took longer then expected for those shakes to go away.  One of my flying trapeze friends came to see us with her three children, plus two people that I work with.  She gave us some amazing chocolate bars that came in very handy by the end of the night.  When I finally drove home I dove into that candy bar.
Such a sweetie!

Mel and I booked it for some super unhealthy pizza.  Nerves need comfort food!  Meanwhile, my phone started losing its mind as those that couldn’t be at the 2pm show wanted to know how it was.  Not now… PIZZA!

The second show was not sold out like the earlier show, but it was a full house of our friends and teachers.  It was pretty amazing to see all of our flying instructors, fellow students, and our static teacher all together to see us.  In fact, we specifically asked to be in the later show together just so our teacher could see us.

Before show # 2
Not only were the three of us performing but another friend of ours and fellow student was performing a acro and another friend/fellow student was in the audience.  We took the opportunity of having the five of us all together with everyone we train with there to thank her with a big bouquet and a little announcement.  This was right after my performance.  Again I didn’t bow.  Instead I just walked to the front of the stage and waited for Wendy, Melanie, and Lauren to come out and join me and Stefanie.

Performing was so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again!  I already started mapping out a new routine with new transitions and tricks!  The other girls have as well.  We can’t help it.  We are a hyper bunch of circus geeks. Videos and Photos below!

My routine to Tori Amos' Happy Phantom. Copyright says you can't play this on mobile phones, but blogs are A-Okay!

My awesome friend Melanie! Check out those splits!

And finally the always amazing Wendy Wild!
She is totally ready for a Zatanna cosplay... too bad she is not a cosplayer.


Photography by Jim Sewasty

All photos taken during the 2pm show.

Wendy and Melanie's costumes were made by Andrea of Scandalize Designs (my fun spats were also made by her).  
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