Monday, November 19, 2012


Guess what I did this afternoon?

I finally went back to my gym.  Not only did I go back but I upgraded my membership.  In doing so I asked what the date was the last time I had been there.  I have had a membership since September of 2009 and at the time I was going regularly with a friend of mine until she turned into a gym snob.  I was also a member at a different gym and switched to a closer one where the staff was not very friendly.

Actually, (until today) every experience I have had with the staff has been unpleasant.  Not to mention when I received my new card the manager was extremely rude.  The place was very new and it was very busy with all the sign ups and transfers but I was told my card would be ready by time I left.  The manager got angry with me when I asked about the new card.  Not exactly the best first experience and by transferring I was locked into this location for a year before I could transfer back.

So the last time I was at the gym was February of 2011.  To be honest I thought she was going to say 2010, but it's been almost two years!

I stopped going because I do need company at the gym.  I am not fond of exercising independently.  I get very bored at the gym and I need someone relying on me to be there.  I am pretty sure if I didn't have my trapeze girls I wouldn't be there every weekend.  Popping music on doesn't help at the gym either.  I have a tendency to dance and sing even when I don't hear music.  When my gym friend decided to ditch me for solo workouts I stopped going almost completely.  Partly because I was locked into that gym and I didn't want to run into her there.

So I went back today.  I was a bit curious about what I could do since not being around but being stronger since trapezing.  Surprisingly, I did an hour on the treadmill with a very brisk walk.  I walk fast anyway.  It amounted to 3.4 miles.  I couldn't even run the mile in an hour in High School.  I was fairly surprised with the weights.  I am not really hitting the gym for weights.  I get enough toning during aerials.  What I don't get is cardio hence the hour long treadmill.  I am stronger then I was when I was going to the gym regularly.

What bugged me were the men at the gym.  No matter where I was I had at least two men staring at me which is rather uncomfortable.  They weren't too obvious about it which was good, but it's still not comfortable to be "watched" while working out.  Nothing wrong with politely looking but don't stare.  Geez.

So I upgraded... now I am free to go to any location and bring non members with me.  Bonus!  I already have a plan set up with a friend of mine.  I will be driving out towards her but it's okay.  For some girl time and a good workout I don't mind.  I feel like my friends push me harder then I ever would on my own.  I mean this is why people hire trainers.  Not to mention talking helps with endurance.  That's why entertainers are trained to dance and sing by talking during workouts, because its a lot harder.  ;o)