Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi everyone!  Sorry about the lack of posts lately.

I have been a bit consumed this week by a few things.  Mostly wrapping my brain around new aerial tricks.  Reality is I still need to tidy up the old ones.

It's been a long aerial filled week actually.  This past Sunday I had two small breakthroughs during our training time.  The first being a two legged monkey roll that I rolled through much easier then expected.  Usually when I do that trick I have a tough time even when I have all of my energy, but this time I went for it mid session just because why not and I rolled through it like it was nothing.  The second surprise breakthrough was a one armed flag.  I have tried this trick several times before and have never been able to lift the bar, but I did it this time.  Not once, but twice.  I didn't lift it completely up, but I was just about there and I am more then happy with that.

Plus my amazing acro friend came to train with us and she taught us the one armed handstand.  I am not too crazy about it yet, but I am going to keep trying because it looks really cool.  Plus it is a great way to get into position for the ye-haw spin I would love to try.

We also tried out forward and backward hip rolls.

The one trick I am dying to get is a back bend.  I tried one version of it and my big issue is walking myself two far down the rope (and getting out).  I wanted to do a wrapped leg version but it didn't occur to me how to get into it until two days after.  Go figure.

I finally started reading The Hunger Games.  To be clear I started a good month ago, but it took forcing myself to to pick the book back up a few days ago to get re-interested.  I am on chapter 4, so I am not very far it but at this point I am starting to enjoy it.

I finally cleaned my car!  It was starting to look like a comfy home for a hobo.  Between the extra boards from fixing my dresser, the huge cardboard box (a picnic basket was in it), loads of empty bottles and general mess it was looking shabby and I was feeling claustrophobic.  It's finally clean.  Whew!

I sketched out a new cosplay with a twist.  It's a secret right now though, but if it works out its going to be awesome!

I have also been working on improving my flexibility by doing night stretches and yoga poses.  I should be doing them longer and a few times a day, but I really do not have the time.  I am mostly working on back stretches.  I want to work on my splits, but I need a better mat because my yoga mat kills my knees.

Last Friday (Black Friday), my friends and I were invited to demo aerials at lululemon in Roosevelt Field Mall.  It was so much fun.  I am a little funny about the stores I shop in and lulu is one I have always found intimidating.  In fact, before last Friday the only time I went in lulu was with my girlfriend to buy my trapeze bag (it's an awesome yoga bag).  Anyway, we played around with some tricks in the store.  We did some routines and we even played on doubles.

Check out Shane and I playing on doubles!  If you've seen any of my flying videos, he is pretty much always the catcher.

For more videos you can check out my YouTube channel.  A few more from lulu, plus training videos.

I will probably get back to cosplay creation in January.  Don't worry, crafting will come back.  I have a quite a few cosplay's on the roster for this year.