Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So here is a little snippet of my day and a little retrospect back to college.

I am sitting at my desk and I take a look at my necklace.  It's a necklace I don't wear very much.  I don't wear it because the chain is too long and too short.  With most of my shirts it will fall in my shirt.  If it were longer or shorter this wouldn't happen.  All I need to do it get a new chain and maybe one day I will.

Anyway, the clasp has fallen down to the charm.  I see 14KT written on it.  I am a little baffled.  I thought the chain was silver.  If it were silver it would say 925.  Hmmm... isn't KT karat?  Quick Google search.  Indeed it is.  Well at least it's white gold, since I don't like gold.

Okay, so then I thought is 14KT on a higher or lower karat?

I took a class in college that when signing up for I sighed and thought this will be boring and awful but it's required.  It was called Home Accessories.  This said to me (and the class description didn't help) the class was about couches and pots and pans.  Yay!  Everything the aspiring homemaker wants to know about, but not me.  I was a fashion student.  Ugh.

Turns out it was actually a class about various interesting subjects and I can't even come up with a title fitting for it.  We learned about china, fur, leather, cookware (yes we did), gems and precious metals.  Did you know that painted cookware is unsanitary?  The paint starts cracking and bacteria gets trapped in it.  No one wanted anything to do with the fur topic.  We were given samples to pass around which everyone kind of quickly touched and passed on.

Oh, Sapphires, Ruby's and Emeralds are all the SAME stone.  Just like diamonds impurities and minerals cause the stones to be various colors.  If I remember correctly the difference between a diamond and a sapphire is how they are formed and the reflective properties.

We learned about precious metals.  Gold jewelry is never 100% gold.  It's can't be.  Gold is too soft of a metal so it has other metals added to it and that's where karats come in.

So 14KT high gold content or low?  Obviously the number is low.  The lower the number the lower the gold content and the more fillers are added.  The scale I quickly checked today went from 24KT to 10KT.

I remember my professor talking about how pure gold can be continually thinned out.  Think of dough and a rolling pin.

I am sure many women know this information by heart, but I rarely pay attention to jewelry.  If it's simple with a little bit of sparkle, I like it.

Oh and men, there is a reason ladies love Tiffany and Co.  Their jewelry is held to a high standard.  They only accept diamonds of a high grade under the 4 C's.  I could give you a whole lesson on the 4 C's but I won't dive into that instead you can check out this wonderful article to learn more about Tiffany's standards and the 4 C's.  Also their silver is guaranteed 925 Silver and not plated.  Plated is a metal piece of jewelry with a thin silver coating that can rub off.  They also offer free in-store cleaning to any and all Tiffany jewelry.  They charge a small fee for diamonds.  I think I paid $5 or $8 to have one of my necklaces cleaned.  I think if in the area this weekend I might just stop in and have a piece cleaned.  Another bonus, if anything breaks they will replace it.  My roommate from FIT had a key fob that broke.  Tiffany's replaced it.  They guarantee their jewelry and that is a very nice security to have.

I really enjoyed that class.  It was very clear my professor LOVED her hoop earrings (even though her father said only whores wear them), she was 100% not vegetarian (said vegetarians always look like the walking dead), she refused to wear fur but accepted leather as a by product of the beef she eats, and did not like corsets one bit.  Don't wear corsets girls!  We fought to get out of them, don't let them drag you back in.  I am not saying I agree with her, but I looooove my hoop earrings as well.