Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Little Pony Movie..

So I just finished watching the 1986 My Little Pony Movie.

Yup, one of those old DVD's I couldn't not own.  I am thinking of watching it again in the future and doing a comparison with the new series because I noticed one towards the end.

There is one scene where Fizzy, a gem eyed unicorn pony, gets really excited and trips over a log when asked to calm down.  I couldn't help but think of Pinkie Pie.  The following scene has the four ponies, Megan, Danny, and Molly running through a forest of scary trees throwing branches (that look like vampire stakes) at them.  Just as they are almost in the clear Fizzy runs back into the forest and uses her unicorn magic to blink in and out of different areas distracting the trees and letting everyone get out of the forest.  Sound familiar?

Very similar to our introduction to Friendship is Magic, when the mane six journey into a forest of scary trees and Pinkie Pie laughs at all the scary trees getting them though the forest safely.

Not to mention Wind Whistler swooping in and catching Megan before she falls off a cliff and into the smooze.  Sound familiar?  Just like when Twilight Sparkle is hanging off the cliff and Applejack tells her to let go and she is then caught by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

The obvious marketing in the movie drives me a bit batty.  Of course I didn't realize it as a child, but now I can't not see the very clear product placement.  I knew all of these toys as a kid.  The movie has a whole lot of play sets in it.  The nursery, the dream castle (I actually had that one), the dance school, quite a few of Megan's outfits, and of course paradise estate.  The introduction of the Flutter Pony's or a parents worst nightmare toy.  The problem with those pony's were their stupid fragile wings!  Why on earth would they make a toy with a movable part that pretty much breaks immediately?  The wings on my flutter pony's broke immediately or were removed never to be seen again.  Like my parents really wanted me playing with something that pretty much shattered when you touched it?

Another pet peeve is the gem eyed pony's.  I get it.  True to the toy, but they just look weird next to a normal pony.  In fact, poor Fizzy looks like she has pink eye because she has pink gem eye's.

That's all for now folks... I am getting ready to curl up and watch Once Upon a Time, best part of the weekend is having it end with a wonderful show.  I also hope every enjoys the season finale of The Walking Dead.  I haven't watched this season.  Going from One Upon a Time right into The Walking Dead is too much TV time for me.  I get too restless.  I will catch up when it hits Netflix.