Monday, December 17, 2012


So one of the things I was asked to recently is increase the amount of protein in my diet.  I was told to have at least a fist size of protein a day, but how much protein is that really?

I have small hands.  I also speak more realistically in grams and not random approximate measures.  This is perfectly fine if one is eating a piece of chicken.  That's easy to size.  But what about other sources of protein?  Am I supposed to eat a whole cup of black beans a day?  Eggs?  Yogurt?  Plus, I don't plan on having my whole daily intake in one sitting.

Today I went to the internet to find out what my actual protein intake should be for a person my size.  I came to about 40gm a day.  That is very helpful.  This is how you figure it out...

Step 1: Your weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = your weight in kg
Step 2: Your weight in kg * 0.8 - 1.8 gm/kg = protein gm

So far I have only had 33.5gm.  This is with me trying to make sure I eat it and some extra.  Sounds like I am going to have to start making soy shakes in the morning.  Oy vey!

Now if I went the fist amount of protein route it turns out to be quite a bit more.  Turns out the size of your fist is approximately 1 cup.  So how many grams is that?  It depends on what is going into the cup since mass and volume are measured differently.  According to one website that would be 108gm of Almonds.  Something tells me that fist measurement is a bit off.

They also say size of your thumb is about 1 ounce.  This I can see easily.  Now there are 8 liquid ounces in a cup.  So 8 thumbs is not the size of my fist or anyone else that I have come across.  The approximate sizing visualization is wonderful but not accurate by far.

Anyway, sounds like I need to up my intake in even more.  I am going to get so sick of protein really quick.  I am a veggie girl.  Don't you dare try to give me vegan options.