Sunday, December 9, 2012


Oh Tarot cards, how I love thee.

I bought my first deck in 1999 when I was at school in Oneonta.  They had a small "mysticism" shop that I adored.  This was way before I knew much about Paganism.  I just enjoyed all of the crystals, books, and divination materials.  I had always been interested in Tarot cards.  Mostly because of the taboo nature.  So I purchased a Sacred Rose deck, but even though I attempted to learn them I never really learned until many years later.

Three years ago I dated a guy that not only knew magic card tricks (one of which he taught me) but also knew how to read Tarot cards because he had studied them at one point.  He is also responsible for giving me the little push I needed in life.  He is the reason I started flying trapeze.  Every single thing in my life right now that is good I owe to that man.  Life has a path if you choose to see and follow it.  He lead me to flying trapeze which lead me to both cosplay and aerials.

Anyway, one absolutely insane night I got a Tarot card lesson.  I say insane because it was one crazy ride and I even wrote a story about it after explaining it to a friend and having that person tell me it sounded like a wild movie.  Speaking of all the things that went on that evening nearly took my breath away, but I got a wonderful Tarot lesson in there that I still remember.

I wish he was still in New York.  I wouldn't mind having another lesson.

I love how the cards work with each other even though I do not fully understand them.  I understand the minor arcana but the major arcana not so much.  From what I remember the major arcana is the development of humanity in the universe and each card builds from the previous.  Starting with the Fool which represents the naive and absence of knowledge and ending with the universe once fully developed.

The minor arcana I understand much better and find much more interesting.  Four suits with a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Ace and 1-10.  Each suit is connected with an element of nature.  Depending on the deck the suits are Swords, Wands, Disks, and Cups (that's my Thoth deck).

Swords: Fire
Wands: Air
Disks: Earth
Cups: Water

Some suits compliment each other and others conflict.  As you can imagine Swords and Cups conflict.  Then you have the court cards and with in each suit they have conflicts.  The king and queen are the male and female concepts of the idea their suit represents.  Where the Prince and Princess are the younger version but the Prince is his mothers son and represents a feminine male concept and the Princess a manly female concept.  Also each of the court cards in a suit represent a second sub element.  For cups the king is fire, the queen is water, the prince is air, and the princess is earth.  You can see how the court cards are conflicted by sub elements.

Then there are the colors each suit represents.  I remember him telling me to watch the colors.  The Thoth deck is excellent for reading and the colors are very vibrant.  I wish I had purchased this deck back in 1999.  I might have studied them more.  It's very obvious in the Thoth deck that the wands are overcome with reds and oranges.  Wands be an aggressive suit and red being an aggressive color works.  Cups are very blue and dreamy.  Just like the water element and love concept they represent.  Red and blue are quite different and the discord can be seen in the colors.

The numbered cards take the suits concept and expand on it.  The ace card of each suit represents the beginning of the idea and as in the major arcana each card builds on the previous card as the idea develops.  What I was taught is anywhere in-between 4 and 7 is where you want your cards because the idea is well developed.  Once you get past 7 the idea is over developed and for a suit like Cups (love) the 10 card can represent obsession and things of that nature.

I also enjoy astrology.  Yes, roll your eyes fan boys.  Ugh.  Astrology.  No I don't think that stars can decide my fate and personality, but I do fit perfectly into the one that was assigned to me.  My sun sign is Sagittarius and my moon sign is Pisces.  Fire and Water.  Wands and Cups.  Wouldn't you know it, whenever I pull cards or have a reading done lots of wands and cups happen to appear.

I just pulled my cards for the first time in a long time and as usual I have a lot of Wands and Cups.  The one card that almost always appears in my readings is the Queen of Cups which is a good thing.  She appeared when he read my cards as well and he was impressed with my cards.  I also had a 10 of Wands which means I have a lot of powerful rage and anger (as he put it I have the potential to tear people apart), but the Queen of Cups protects me from such action.  I know what he meant.  I know I read people differently and often I know peoples weaknesses without them being revealed to me.  Sometimes just on a hunch.  I can hit people where it hurts and hit them hard, but I won't.  Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.  I choose to use that ability to understand people not hurt them.

I just really enjoy Tarot.  I also have Fortune Telling cards.  It's not something I live my life by (just like astrology) but it is something I find thought provoking.  The cards certainly help me look at a situation different.  They have definitely helped me out tonight.  Something about it gave me comfort and insight into everything that has been bothering me recently.

Side note: standard playing cards are based off of the minor arcana Tarot cards.  Standard playing cards can be used for a tarot reading and Tarot cards can be used to play typical card games.