Friday, January 4, 2013

First Photo Shoot Ever

I am shy. I am not a model and I am a bit frightened by a cameras eye at times.  I am much better being on the opposite side of the camera and directing.

Photography to me can be very intimate. So when asked to shoot I get squeamish depending on the situation.

One of the reasons I have not done a shoot or looked to do one is because a photographer had told me that I need to learn how to pose first and take self shots. Problem is, when I take self shots I can't see my posture in the camera and I don't have a fancy camera.  So I tend to not like what I see once I see what I took.

However, I am feeling a little bolder lately. I decided to jump into my first photo shoot with none other then Adam Jay who is nothing less then a bag of fun.

I told him right off the bat I had no modeling experience and that I did not know how to pose. This was no problem for Adam. Being the creative photographer he is, he had tons of ideas. Not only did he have ideas, but he was witty and fun to work with.

He also gave me body check direction which my gal pal Connie does as well.

It was wonderful working with him. I like knowing I am working with a creative eye.  It's certainly made the difference for future shoots both it helping to peel off a layer of shyness and creativity.  Since working with him I did a short shoot with Otaku-Haven as Elektra and if you have been following my page this past weekend I did a Danger Girl shoot which I will chat about in a future post.  One thing I learned is that being on location is a lot more fun because I can climb and jump off of things.  A friend of mine had taken some shots two summers ago of me walking across the breakers at a local beach.  I just can't keep my feet on the ground.

I have also learned that a certain level of comfort has to exist between myself and the photographer.  A shoot should be fun and not layered with anxiety over whether or not I know how to pose myself.

Big thank you to Adam for bursting the photo shoot bubble.

Alas, for you viewing pleasure the first of Adam Jay's Abby Chase pictures.  The first....  hrm hrm...

© 2012 Superhero Photography by Adam Jay
Just imagine what could have transpired if Sydney had been there...

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