Monday, January 14, 2013

MLP Evolution: The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Since I am not crafting today I figured it was time to get into the second of my My Little Pony toy evolution series.  The first was Fluttershy.  These characters were chosen by request.

The group is a little tougher then expected, but not so much.  From what I have seen none of these toys evolved from G1.

Apple Bloom
From what I have seen, I can not find a pre G4 toy directly related to Apple Bloom, not in name anyway.  It seems to me she was solely created for the animated series with toys of her made.

I did find a toy from G3, one toy and one alone that may have been an inspiration for Apple Bloom.  That toy is the G3 Apple Spice with a yellow body, red and purple hair and a cutie mark with an apple and two APPLE BLOOMS.  0.0

Say hello to Apple Spice

(c) Lauren Faust
I also read that Apple Bloom was originally named Apple Seed.  Seed was to imply that she was young and still growing.  However, there was a trademark issue and her name became Apple Bloom which I think still gives the same impression.  I also think it describes her talent much better.  Yes, as adult fans we should know their talents.  If you take a good look at Season One’s episode “The Show Stoppers” each crusaders talent is pretty obvious.  Just watch it and think about it.

Apple Bloom was also intended to be the only young filly originally, but as luck would have it plans changed.

As for Apple Blooms personality I see quite a few similarities between her and Baby Shady of the 80's series.  They are both undeniably headstrong and stubborn.

Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belle’s name first appeared in the G3 series and she was also a member of the G3.5 series.  She looks pretty much the same as she does now.  A white unicorn with pink and purple hair.  She even had the same green eyes.  However, she did have her cutie mark which is a heart with swirls.  She was a staple pony in the G3 and 3.5 series and reappeared often in regular lines and holiday specials.

The fabulous G3 Sweetie Belle
One of the winter holiday G3.5 Sweetie Belles. 
This is from my personal collection.

Yes, we should all know her talent also.

Scoot-A-Loo’s name also appears in the G3 series for the first time and was also included in G3.5.  She did have some changes between G3.5 and G4.  Most notably she gained WINGS.  Scoot-a-Loo was an earth pony as were most G3 and G3.5.  The G3 series had very few Pegasus and if my memory is correct they only started appearing right before G3.5 began.  Scoot-a-Loo at the time was an earth pony with an orange body and pink and purple hair.  Her hair color has also changed as it is only purple now.  Her cutie mark was a butterfly with two small flowers.  Scoot-a-Loo also was in the Ponyville series.  This group of toys was exactly like our Blind Bags (or Kiosk Bags) except they were packaged so you could see the pony and I believe they had small play sets.
The G3.5 Scoot-a-Loo...
I think I have one of her in my collection as well.
The G3.5 Scoot-a-Loo
The Ponyville Scoot-a-Loo
 The one thing that really stands out to me about Scoot-a-Loo is that she almost always came with a vehicle.  This toy was packaged with a scooter normally.  Again, we should all know her talent.

I think the fun of watching the crusaders is seeing what they don’t see and just waiting for the animators to allow them to realize their talents.  I am sure it’s coming at some point.  More toys to sell.  Just like how it looks like we are getting a baby princess at some point judging by the Princess Skyla toy and Twilight Sparkle will… okay I don’t want to ruin the rest of season three for everyone who hasn't read the spoilers.  I actually haven’t heard mention of Skyla.  I have seen the toy in stores and sometimes the toys predate the show.  I am taking that as foreshadowing that Shining Armor and Princess Candance have baby coming along at some point.  Speaking of babies what happened to Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cup Cakes twins?  Haven’t seen them around since their one episode.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my MLP toy evolution series!   They are quite fun to research.

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