Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splurge Day!

Oh what a wonderful day it has been...

When I finish typing out this blog I am going to be getting my taxes done while watching American Idol.  I fell victim to the show finally.  All they had to do was put Mariah at the judges table. 

I adore Mariah.  I can't deny it.  I grew up listening to her and while I no longer find myself relating to her music these days I still enjoy her.  I have seen her perform three times.  Once during the Charmbracelet tour, once during a Good Morning America show, and finally during MTV's "Shining Through the Rain."  The last of the three was a fan event that was filmed and aired on MTV.  The audience was made up solely of Mariah fans via the fan club.  We were all allowed to bring a guest that was put on the list.  It was also a free show.  Shining Through the Rain was my favorite of the shows because it was very relaxed.  My friend and I were seated in the second row right up next to the stage.  I was in heaven.

So I like seeing her on Idol and getting the chance to see the semi relaxed Mariah again.  It's what us fans love about her.

So today I went out looking for Creole Seasoning because I am dying to try to make Jambalaya and I won't anything but what the recipe calls for.  I went to three grocery stores looking and wound up finding a locally made (not my top pick would have preferred one made in Louisiana) salt-free New Orleans Creole Seasoning at Whole Foods.  I also picked up an amazing Kumbucha drink.  Yum!

I was in the area close enough to check out Ulta and close enough to make a stop at the comic book shop.  So I treated myself!

I went into Ulta and almost hopped up and down when I saw the Urban Decay Oz set up.  I completely splurged and picked up my first limited edition palette.  I picked Glinda.  I love the Wicked Witch but I know I don't rock greens and dark colors well on my eyes.  Oddly Theodora was the image for the wicked set... hmmm... maybe Mila is the Wicked Witch after all?

Got me a teasing brush as well.
My eyes also got stuck on the brand new Mariah OPI nail polish.  I was really interested in the Anti-Bleak alone but it was $9.  They also had a set of 4 minis (not including Anti-Bleak) for $12.  I went for the 4 pack considering how quickly I tire of colors.  I stopped buying large bottles of Essie for a reason.  I like the minis.  I just wish Anti-Bleak was available as a mini.  Oh well.

So I then went to my comic book shop.  I haven't been there since AUGUST!  Augh!  I have four comic book shops somewhat near my area.  The one that is the furthest away has the largest selection, but the store is very unorganized and PACKED OUT.  It's very hard for me to find anything in there, but the employees are pretty nice.  There is a new shop fairly close to me and the owner and his cat are nice.  I have been there a few times but I haven't found anything of interest to me. 

We have one shop that is VERY close to me that I will no longer step foot in.  Unfortunately, the very few times I have been in that shop I have fallen victim to being a rare female in the shop and rightly so.  The employees (who are females) hover over me and continually ask if I need help.  The same people over and over that last time I walked out.  Yes I am a female and yes I am somewhat new to the store, but no I am not an idiot and I usually browse for awhile.  I don't like being bothered constantly.  I have gone in the same store with a guy and had absolutely no issues.  Not cool.

So this one place isn't around the corner but it's my favorite.  I haven't been there in awhile, so as I was looking around trying to remember what books to check for in the trade sections a newer employee asked if he could help me find anything and actually said that he was questioning asking because I seemed to know my way around the store.  Ha!

The employees there are so nice.  The place is organized in a way where it's not all sorts of different product mushed up all at once and everywhere.  Everything is in it's own area.  New books, back issues, independent trades, Marvel trades, DC trades, even the toys are organized by DC, Marvel, Dr Who, Star Wars, UFC, video games, etc.  It's just very well organized.

So excited about these!
While I browsed I came up with a list of new books to pick up in the future.  Most will wait until a sale pops up or I can get them at a convention.  I did pick up Black Widow: Deadly Origin, Black Widow: The Name of the Rose and Emma Frost Ultimate Collection.  I have actually read the Emma book but in small digest books that I no longer own.  I am so excited to have it in a full size compiled edition.  I have been wanting to read it again also.  Excited!

So I get to do my taxes now.  Woo hoo!  I also need to do some serious cleaning.  Eek!