Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So I had a great day on Sunday, but I found out some news that quickly changed my evening into a very upsetting one.  I won't go into those details, but Monday morning I woke up to some fun surprises that put a smile back on my face.  Talk about good timing.

My friend Cap posted this fun edit that he did of one of my pictures from the sketch variant event!  I haven't built a relationship with my editing software yet and I am jealous of his skills.  I love this picture.  Plus one of my favorite persons is hanging out in the background there.

The second surprise was this awesome edit by another friend of mine.  Extremely jealous of the photo shop skills, but really thrilled and humbled by the image.

Looks like I need a Thunderbolt group.  Bring it!

Last week my gal pal Victoria made this collage of my cosplays!

Follow Victoria at her fan page HERE

So then for the extra lift, this past Tuesday super fan Adam Wiebner posted this fantastic drawing of my Abbey Chase picture.
So Sunday might have ended very poorly but it's little things like this that totally turned my week around.

Thank you so much everyone!   I feel so spoiled.  How did I get so lucky?

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