Monday, January 21, 2013


Where oh where have I been?

Everywhere but here, that's where!

If you're not following me on twitter or the Facebook fan page, I will get you up to speed.

I have been adamantly working on my Black Widow cosplay and posting progress pictures.  As of now, I just need the gauntlets.  She fell together pretty quickly.  Exceptionally quickly because the items I order were practically mailed overnight.  Now, had I needed the items quick I doubt that would have happened, but I am perfectly okay with this regardless.

I made the belt for Black Widow which I plan on posting a tutorial.  Possibly later this week since I won't be crafting again until maybe next week.

I attempted to start making the gauntlets and it was a horrific fail making for a day full of frustration and then disappointment (for a completely different reason).  Technically, for a first try it wasn't an awful fail.  I did skip one little step which made a difference, but since it's a tutorial a friend gave me I don't think it's my information to share.

I just finished the boot covers this evening.  I love them.  I give new meaning to skinny legs especially when it comes to boots.  The one thing I won't ever be modest about it that I have nice legs.  I like my legs a lot.  My calves are all muscle and cut.  So don't think my calling my legs skinny is an insecurity I think I need to fix because that is sooooo not the case.  I just don't fit into normal boots.  I can't go out and buy any old boot.  It's a frustrating search.  However a friend of mine with the same issue actually alters her own boots to fit her legs.  Might have to do that one of these days.

Yesterday, I took an enormous amount of Mary Jane pictures.  MJ was a quick cosplay I wore to NYCC this past year, but I didn't get any photos.  Shame!  I didn't even think to ask my floor buddy to take one.  Whoops.  It's all good because for the first time every I got some excellent self taken shots.  Plus a lot of funny out takes and crazy faces.  Maybe I will post one or two.  They make me laugh.  I had fun toying around with the plush Spider-Man, rigging my camera in the window sill, messing with natural and artificial light.  I just had fun and I think it showed up in the pictures.

I also took some test shots of Black Widow.  All of them were goofed a bit which is why I only posted the two pictures.  My first mistake: when I changed I didn't do a wig check.  My wig was falling off.  I edited so that its not completely obvious in the two pictures I posted.  Putting the cosplay on and moving around in it made me realize some functionality issues.  Mainly, the thigh holsters.  Now I can't exactly clip them to the belt I made.  So I had them on my thighs at various tightness's.  I think to keep them on with out having them on the belt I am going to have to clip them around my legs as tight as I can make them.  Ouch.  Today I realized I have a black elastic belt (from forever ago) I may be able to wear underneath the widow belt so I can clip the holsters on and not suck the life out of my thighs.

The gloves I bought are okay.  I do wish I had purchased an extra small.  I also realized I am going to have to break the gloves in, as toying with anything with them on is ridiculous.  Excitingly, the holsters can double as a pockets/purse.  I am going to have more space then I know what to do with!  I never get pockets let alone ones large enough for guns!

I am really happy I did those fumbled test shots and I couldn't not laugh each time a holster fell off.  For now, here are my favorites of the Mary Jane pictures.

Waiting for Spidy...
He is in the print behind me as well.

This took me a good hundred shots to get.  Either the light was off, I was too far back, or the curtain was in the the way.
It was worth it.
Reminds me of Clara and her Nutcracker.
Love that story and ballet.

My absolute favorite.  Hands down favorite.