Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Busy Bee Update

Just a quick post tonight.

I feel as though my actual blog posts have been dwindling but I will be back in full swing hopefully in a week or two.  Life is in full swing and I can barely find time to sleep or nap let alone write posts as much as I want to.  It’s unfortunate that I am not three people.  Thing’s would be so much easier!  As an example, I actually gave up an aerial show for this week because I just couldn’t wrap my head around finding the time and energy to rehearse a new routine.  Augh!

So I have been posting pictures fairly regularly throughout January and I still have some more to post including American McGee’s Alice, Danger Girl and Fluttershy.  I just haven’t had a quiet evening to work on them.  Last Thursday night I stayed up until 2am just so I could tidy up my apartment.  Eek!  This weekend I will be headed out Pennsylvania (again), to see a bunch of friends (they have no idea how excited I am) and for even more photo shoots.  It’s going to be one of those weekends that push me to the limits.

I basically leave Friday morning.  I believe we are shooting (and hanging out of course) on Friday but driving three hours sucks the life out of me.  Saturday, is another shoot and initially I thought I was leaving right after but I may stay through to Sunday morning and leave crazy early to make it to a noon aerial class and then I am getting my hair cut and hanging out with another friend after class (when did I get so lucky to have so many awesome friends).  Psycho.  To the normal person this might not seem so bad, but my Epstein Barr has been acting up pretty badly in the last few weeks.  I pretty much did the same exact trip two weekends ago, but shorter.  I was in PA for literally 24 hours before rushing to class and fighting exhaustion the entire time.  That trip did me in, but it’s okay because that’s what I do for people I care about.  EBV when it acts up is similar to what I imagine narcolepsy is like.  It’s a wave of sleep that’s pretty tough to fight off.  This evening with my bubble wand project (more on that later if it works and I like it), I basically had enough energy to wash the tubes and wands before I passed out at 7/8pm and now I am awake at 1am and walking around like a drunk zombie but hey I can hopefully do a little more on that project before I keel over again.  I will make it through this weekend and then next weekend I can relax and sleep and get the very much over due rest that I need.

So aerials, I haven’t talked about aerials in awhile.  Ho-hum.  I had a great class this past weekend.  I am not exactly sure what element made that happen but I am happy it happened because I was having a string of classes where I was unsatisfied.  It’s clear that my friends and I have different goals or more I have a different goal then they do and that is okay.  They are training on different apparatuses and it’s leaving what I go there for shorted, but this weekend I skipped out on half of the class to work on my own, since my goals are to work on one apparatus and make it my own before moving on to something completely different.  I put a different game plan in my mind and invited a friend to come out and take pictures and hang out while doing so.  I think having a friend come to class made the difference.  I haven't fallen over in complete muscle exhaustion in a long time.  Photo-wise however, I did a very poor job of directing that friend and if they return to do it again in the future I need to make sure to tell them where to go for the pictures.  Whoops.  Thing is, when you are up there is can be a bit disorienting and sometimes I am balanced just so that I can’t direct because I could flop out of the trick.  Eek!  My friend did get some good shots regardless, but when will I have the time to upload!  Just as a note it's not a bad thing that we have different goals.  It's a good thing.  It's just like how we all have different strengths and weaknesses.  I wouldn't want any of my friends to be exactly like me. Our differences define us as individuals and that is never a bad thing amongst friends.

I have to get moving so I can do a little more work on my bubble wands before I fall back asleep.  I have to get this bubble wand project done and make a new X-23 top for this weekend.  I am going to the movies tomorrow (Warm Bodies).  I am also hoping to bake Thursday evening.  Let’s see if I can pull out the energy to get it all done.  Eek!

Oh Black Widow is almost done... almost.  I also picked up fabric to make Venus' dress and amazing purple linen for Megara.  Yes LINEN!  I was going to have Meg made but it was satin and that is definitely not the right fabric for the time period plus the purple was very much off in color.  Meg and Venus will be my first non patterned costumes.  Pretty sure Venus will be a snap.  Meg will be more involved.

Oh and I have a surprise themed cosplay in the works for WW Philly.  It's going to be fabulous.