Thursday, February 28, 2013

Costume Problems...

So I bought a bridal corset top for a cosplay that I haven't announced...

It's too small!

What's a girl to do????

This piece is perfect for what I am using it for.  Absolutely perfect.  I was going to return it, but with the shipping costs I would wind up only having $7 left.  I don't think it's worth sending back.  Ebay.  Yup.

Mulled it over for longer then I anticipated tonight and I think I am going to change it from a zipper corset to a lace up corset.  This of course means either I need really long laces or someone is going to have to lace me in each time I put it on since it will not have a busk in the front.

I read a few different tutorials.  One stated keep the zipper and and add ribbon loops (all hand stitched) in a V shape.  That one was definitely for a bridal gown.  I don't understand how hand stitched RIBBON LOOPS will be strong enough to hold up a bridal corset.  I really don't.  I don't think it's remotely strong enough for my little corset and I am pretty sure bridal corsets need to be more durable.  They also recommended leaving the zipper in.  No.  It's your wedding gown.  Do not leave the unused and most likely visible zipper in, that's not going to look pretty.  Fail.

Looked for more tips and I came across a wonderful corset tutorial.  So I think I am going to seam rip the zipper out, add some strong fusible interfacing (doubled), and then add the eyelets and possibly some plastic boning around the eyelets.  Oh and I need to add a back piece.

If all else fails, I can take this apart and attempt to make a new corset.  Eek!

When costume pieces fail, it's time to get extra creative.

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