Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kindness and Gratitude with a Triple Trapeze Interlude

This past weekend has certainly been one that was very trying in many different ways.

If you have been on the facebook page you know all too well about my canceled trip to Pennsylvania.  Reality is, with a large snowstorm coming in it was smarter for me to be stuck at home dealing with it then face dealing with it when I got home several days later.  I can say there is no way I would have been able to get through the gate into my apartment since snow would have been blocking the gate from opening.  Yay.

So I stayed inside, sewed, got some long needed computer organization done, designed and ordered business cards, blah blah blah… with no plow by Saturday night I was about to lose my mind.  I get cabin fever pretty easy and turn into a outdoor car stuck inside.  When I was a kid we had an outdoor cat and we had her inside when we were away for a week.  She tore up the house and attacked the person cat sitting and eventually bolted out the door and never came back.  Plus I had a special aerial class Sunday afternoon that I helped set up and the idea of missing it really got me very upset.

On the bright side, I pretty much finished Venus' dress.  I just need to hem the bottom and get more snaps for the sides.  I made the dress true to Greek dress where it is completely open on the sides, but I will have something on underneath and it will snap on the sides underneath the belt to prevent shifting.  I am really excited to have made my first custom cosplay.

Yep, no plow.
Sunday morning, I stumbled out and checked the road.  It sort of looked plowed.  So I got my shovel and then realized it was not plowed.  It was just mashed around a bit from trucks and SUVs battling through the snow.  I am so jealous of those vehicles.

I went back inside very much defeated and very upset that I wouldn’t be able to get to class.  Having had the PA trip canceled and then not being able to be at class, plus I had after class plans.  What did I do?  I got overwhelmed and started crying of course.  Messaged one of my friends letting them know I was still stuck and crushed.  She offered to drive an hour (or two) the opposite direction to bring me to class.  To be honest, had it been any other week I wouldn’t have freaked out the way I did, but like I said this was a special class.  I accepted her offer not knowing how bad the roads my way were, plus our main highway was closed as it was being plowed.  This made for an interesting trip.

We made it to aerials pretty much on time.  So this class was special because our “summer” teacher was coming to see us.  We haven’t seen much of her since October and we were all eager to see her.  She also brought a triple trapeze for us to play on!  We also had four of us in class today instead of our usual three.

So the triple trapeze is really different then our usual static trapeze.  It has a long bar and four ropes with a space for a person in-between the ropes.  Every single thing, unless extremely controlled has to be in unison or you risk knocking someone off or out of a trick.  I managed to injure a finger last weekend.  I am trying not to complain about it but I am going to have it looked at to make sure it’s not fractured.  If it was just bruised I have a hard time believing it would be just as painful a week later.  So I can’t beat well because it puts too much pressure on the finger.  I can kind of beat but its weak and I can’t get into a leaver.  If it’s a weak beat it’s pretty much not worth it.  So I needed to cheat to get onto the bar which meant everyone else had to cheat in time with me.  Ha!

I may be bruised and injured but I am not broken!

I think triple would be a lot of fun if we did it every week.  It would be pretty awesome to learn a routine on.  Because we do not do it every week, it was very tough.  It was extra tough with four people on it since we had to figure out feet and hands, not to mention other things.  In close quarters, you never know what’s going to happen, but that’s a fun part of aerials especially with good people.

I have the purple tights on.

Admit that this is ridiculously cool!

 After class my friend drove me home, with an extra passenger, and it was the funniest ride ever.  Aside from us being completely loopy from class and malnourishment (we stopped for food), it was a lot of fun having girl time.  We get a lot of girl time and laughs in class but we are training, so it’s not the same.  The roads, however, were very scary.  Many of them remain unplowed or poorly plowed.  What would have been a ride just short of an hour took us two hours and this was just bringing me home.  I feel a bit guilty about that, but we did have a lot of fun in the process.

Once I got home, I had to start shoveling out my car in hopes I could get the car out in the morning for work.  I got a decent amount done by myself.  Then my neighbors came out and helped me.  Usually the neighbors next door to me are very helpful and they offered to help me yesterday but it was silly to shovel everything out when the road wasn’t plowed.  My usual technique is after the initial plow, I shovel, get my car out, then I go out to a store/mall/outlet (somewhere I can wander for awhile) and by time I get back the plow has gone through again clearing the spot my car was in.  This usually works perfectly.  This can’t work if I can’t get the car out.  So different neighbors saw me shoveling by myself in the dark and came out to help.  I hadn’t planned on attempting to move my car until morning, but they offered to let me park in a little drive way they have on the side of the house.  This way if the plow came through I wouldn’t get plowed in as badly.  So they helped me get the car out and get it into their driveway where it is now.

I tend to get really affectionately emotional in situations like this.  It was really hard for me to not hug both of them.  I have seen the one neighbor gardening and I say “hi” but I never expected them to help me out like this.  Never.

I am so ridiculously grateful for everyone’s kindness today.  It’s certainly the right time to count ones blessings and I know just how lucky I am.  I am so grateful for every single person in my life, but more grateful for those that helped me out today and both were out of kindness and nothing more.  Neither my friend nor my neighbors had to help me out, they chose to and that means so much more.
I am grateful for every hardship, for every broken relationship/friendship, for broken promises, for everything bad that has happened to me because it has made me wiser and I appreciate the good so much more.

I am being so sappy.  Wait until I talk about back flexibility….

Since shoveling and getting the car out, the plow has finally come through my road.  Yay!