Monday, February 25, 2013


Snow, widow and the Poconos!  This Ally travels!  Maybe more then she should, but whatever...

This weekend I took a delayed trip to the Poconos to see my friend Connie and get at least one photo shoot in.  We did two.  This was the delayed trip from when we had the blizzard here on Long Island.

When I go to Pennsylvania I usually head straight to Philadelphia or to my friends who are in the suburbs of Philly.  I have never driven to the Poconos before.  I have been there, but I didn’t drive.  I also took the same route that I did going up to Ithica last year, except the traffic on the Cross Bronx and the GW wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, I hit very little traffic.  I left a little early.

First off, I slept a lot.  I mean we weren’t up late Friday night but we didn’t go to sleep early either.  Saturday we were up at 8am and I fell back asleep until 11 something!  Just like when I was in Ithica (I slept so much when I was up there).  Maybe the mountains make me extra sleepy?

Anyway, Saturday we did a Black Widow photo shoot.  Yay Black Widow!  We did a few shots indoors and then went out to do some shooting in the snow!  We went to the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport (KMPO) and asked if we could take some photos with the planes.  The employee said he would have to call his manager and ask about it first.  Turns out all the planes are privately owned.

We took this time to go across the road to where there is a large field.  Turns out it’s actually a trucking school.  They allowed us to take pictures as long as we were out by time their training ended.  They also let us know where not to go.  I mean they don’t want us getting run over by a rouge truck driver as much as we don’t want to be run over.   It was pretty cold out in the snow and I tried to be a trooper, but we never made it into the field because it was very difficult for me to walk across the snow.  My Widow shoes are 5” stilettos and they offer absolutely no grip.

Fixing my belt
While out in the field, the airport called us back with a YES!  It was very foggy Saturday, because of this there was no air traffic so it was the perfect time for us to have asked.  They gave us the options to shoot outside with the two planes that were there, inside the hanger with all the planes, and on the runway! 
We started outside with the closet plane.  It’s really weird posing with a plane.  I had no idea what to do.  Not only that, but the planes are not owned by the airport so double weird.  I would hate to even put a scratch on someone’s property, especially a plane!  During our outdoor time with the plane I managed to break my belt!  Eek!  I fixed it pretty quick but Connie got some fun shots of me fixing my prop.  These things happen.  It’s best to be prepared.
Holding up a plane, in the freezing cold... the norm.

Then we moved into the hanger.  I figured outside (cold), inside (warm), and then outside (cold) again.  Makes sense to me.  This time I asked if I could bring my guns.  We didn’t use the guns at the field or outside by the plane for fear they might have been mistaken for real guns, because they look real.  The employee said yes and he also pointed out to us where we could stand on the wing, but again I don’t feel comfortable being on someone’s property.  Plus I am not so sure about my shoes on the wing.  I picked a white plane with red detailing.  Why?  Marvel, Avengers, Black Widow, etc… I think red fits.  So I posed next to the plane and while putting a gun down I popped the belt again and then fixed it once again.  Posed some more and then I went to bend down and I popped the belt a third time!

After the third pop, we called it a day.  So we did not make it to the runway, but Connie got some awesome shots regardless.

Afterward, we went to game night to hang out with some cosplay friends.  So much fun.  I highly suggest having a game night.  I brought some amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies.  Oddly, (not at game night) my cookies didn’t go over like they usually do.  My heart always breaks when I intentionally save a cookie for someone and they turn it down.  Anyway, game night was fun and lots of laughs were had.

Game night was in Philly, two hours out of the Pononos.  First I had a hard time getting gas in Philly.  The first gas station told me to leave because he was on a 5 minute break.  What I don’t understand is that I pump my own gas and I had a card… This is not Jersey, its Philly.  I left and found a second gas station.  Next, I had a hard time seeing on the ride back to the Poconos.  There was dense fog for a good half of the trip, so our two hour ride turned into three.  I was so happy when we made it back.

Sunday, I woke up a little late again, but we didn’t get to bed until 2:30am so it was warranted.  I modeled some corsets for online sales.  Then we did an indoor photo shoot for Calie Liddell.  Calie was the first cosplay I made and I only wore it to the 2011 NYCC and briefly at the Sketch event last June.
Calie is a favorite character of mine.  I love Wonderland.  I have written about it a few times.  So I really enjoyed Zenescope’s horror take on Wonderland.  I also really appreciated all the research that went into the writing.  My favorite part of the first series “Return the Wonderland” is the notes section.  So even though I don’t like wearing fairytale, I really wanted to wear Calie at least once.  I am pretty sure no one knew who I was dressed as and thought I belonged with the anime crowd, but that’s okay.  Sometimes it’s nice to not be noticed.

Because of the type of costume Calie has I knew Connie is the only photographer I would be completely comfortable shooting with while in that costume.  We got it done!  I even made dino faces.  I like to be a little silly, often.

Rwar!  Ferocious!
I left giving myself 4 hours to get to Brooklyn.  Have to make it to my aerial class!  I stopped at Cracker Barrel to browse the country store but it was packed with people loitering waiting for their table.  So I took off.  I did spend a good 30 minutes in traffic, but I still made it to class with a little bit of time to spare.  We had a really good class to boot.  I am not sure how I didn’t pass out on the drive home.  I was so exhausted I was barely paying attention by the end of class, but I also wasn’t on the trapeze.  I was lying on the mat like I had been shot with a tranquilizer.

To sum up this rather eventful weekend, it was awesome!  Plus before I left the poconos I got to see a baby bear!  Check it out in the video below!

Make sure you follow Connie Cosplay of Heartshine Retouching and Photography.  You know, because she's an awesome photographer and a cosplayer.  Can't you tell?

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