Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I am not really exactly sure what to post this as other then babble.

I try to avoid chiming in on typical drama topics of the cosplay community.  I have my own thoughts and opinions but for the most part I just don’t feel like spreading drama.  One topic that has been bugging me for a bit is cosplayers and photographers getting upset over a lack of being credited.  My thoughts on this are if you put it on the internet is free to go anywhere, so if you want credit you need to watermark your photos.  You will notice all of my newer photos have both Ally Cat and the photographer on the photo.  Plus I am more than happy to see people enjoying my work whether they know it’s me or not, as long as it’s not on a suggestive website.  I am not looking for fame.  But that’s just one of the many drama filled topics that keep circling.  That is not what I am writing this blog about.

Back in 2011, at the New York Comic Con, I had to opportunity to meet Yaya Han which I did, but initially she was being interviewed.  I remember her saying something about crafting all her cosplays to remain close to the core of the “hobby.”  At the time I was a bit baffled by what she meant, but I get it now.

While cosplay can mean many different things, the core of it revolves around bringing a beloved character to life by your own creativity.  While I don’t have a problem with anyone cosplaying and not creating their own costumes I do think it draws a line between passion and impassive.  There is a huge difference between a person creating their own Magneto helmet out of a bucket and a person who buys one made for them.  I think this is one of the reasons why I don’t wear my Supergirl costume much.  Not because it’s not fabulous because it is, but because I didn’t make it and I didn’t spend hours pouring my heart into it.  It’s a different feeling.  Wearing my own work is so much different.  There is no comparison to putting on a costume I made myself and getting to share an art I created with all of you. 

However, not all of us can be so crafty and I am certainly not stellar at everything.  I can’t make corsets as of now.  I am not the best at prop making.  I definitely failed at casting.  I can’t make armor to save my life.  So sometimes I need to branch out and purchase pieces for costumes from other cosplayers.  But there is a difference between wearing my Supergirl costume which is completely made by a friend of mine (except the boots) and wearing X-23 where only the buckle and claws were made by someone else.  However, with those things that I ether do not know how to do or am not good at just give me room to improve and learn.  If I was at the top of my craft I think I would be rather sad at not having room for growth.  So not being good at something is a good thing to me.  Of course no matter what there is always room for improvement.

I am not dissing those of us that do not craft.  That’s fine for them.  It’s just not fine for me.

Then there is this whole fame verses craft thing going around.  I don’t think that if a person doesn’t craft but they cosplay that means that person automatically seeking fame.  That’s just not the case.  I do get annoyed with page promotions or those constantly seeking higher fans.  Share me!  Share me!

While I will submit photos to websites and include links, I am more than happy seeing organic growth on my page with followers who are interested in the craft.  Those that are clearly there for the wrong reasons wind up being banned (truth, have to protect myself somehow).  I like sharing progress pictures with my followers not because I have anything to prove to anyone but because I enjoying sharing my work.  I am one of those people where if I am excited about something I find it extremely difficult to keep to myself and I get pretty excited about my crafts.  Not sharing my two secret cosplays is killing me!

I do promote other costumers from time to time.  This is because I am truly fond of their work, whether it is a friend of mine or not.  I also will comment on the number of fans I have because I am overwhelmed with how many people are following what I am up to.  It’s amazing to me and humbling.

I feel like I just went on a long winded rant, but gosh all this drama is not good.  It’s why I have shied away from the term cosplayer and started using costumer more (as I went back and forth in this post).  It’s also easier to explain to the non geeks of my life as well.

Obviously, I am well aware not everyone shares my opinion, but this is me and it’s what I do and how I feel and I am okay with those that think differently.