Thursday, March 21, 2013

Books: The Hunger Games

I just finished reading The Hunger Games a few hours ago.

I have been reading this book since August and I purchased it prior to the theatrical release.  My plan was to have the book read by time the movie came out on DVD.  That didn’t happen.  This is mostly because of a lack of time, but also effort.  Even though I had been enjoying the book, I wasn’t excited to read it.

It’s taken me some time to finish the book with the bulk being read in two days.  Did I like it?  Nope.  Will I read the following two books?  Nope.

I really enjoyed the book up until Part 3.  I enjoyed following Katniss through The Games and in a lot of ways I even felt a kinship to the character.  My favorite part was her alliance with Rue and ultimately when District 11 sends Katniss bread.  I cried.  I really did.  I can’t remember ever crying while reading a book before.

My biggest problem with the book is the awful teenage love story.  It was unneeded.  During Part 3 when Peeta and Katniss become allies, Peeta’s desperation was unattractive and obnoxious.  I kept half reading these “love” scenes in hopes Cato would land another kill and take Peeta out of the game.  Please get over the romance and get on with the Games.  The story was so intriguing until it turned in the romance direction.

Regardless of my disappointment with this book, I am looking forward to seeing how it was translated to film.  Hopefully, I will RedBox it this weekend (it’s still available).

I will not be reading Mockingjay or Catching Fire.  Instead, I will wait to watch the movies.

One day, I will learn that if it’s taking me months to read a book that I have started then I don’t like the book.  I am a bit stubborn once I have started a book.  I want to finish it.  I keep hoping it will rope me in at some point.  I read ‘Sex and the City’.  A great show that is based off of a book I thought had great reviews.  It was awful.  Sure it had some hilarious chapters and the most memorable was “the Peter Pan Syndrome” but on a whole I forced myself to read it thinking it was going to get better when it just dragged along the entire read.  Thankfully, few books have disappointed me.

So did you read The Hunger Games?  Did you like it?  I know quite a few of my friend loved it.